Government & Corporate Affair Department

Government & Corporate Affair Department

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Government and Corporate Affair Mission

Collaborating with government agencies to facilitate MICE activities in Thailand particularly areas of goods logistics and travelling process of MICE travelers. By providing effective advisory and information to MICE entrepreneurs. Working along with related government agencies and industries through an operational mechanism of collaboration calls Joint Operating Committee (JOC) in order to solve complex issues at all stages of MICE ecosystem.

Government and Corporate Affair’s Mission services

Thailand Convention & Exhibition Bureau will be collaborating with the government authorities to support the arrival of the business travellers as follows.

Visa: TCEB shall coordinate with the Consular Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs to expedite the visa issue process for business travellers.
Customs formalities: TCEB shall provide useful advice on the customs formalities regarding the import and export for MICE Activities.

Government and Corporate Affair services at the airport

1. Welcome at the Airport
TCEB shall welcome the business travellers at the concourse area.

2. Visa on Arrival
TCEB shall assist the representative who:

  1. Holds the nationality as prescribed on the notification of the Ministry of Interior.
  2. Holds the legal passport which is valid for more than 30 days.
  3. Has the reference of the purpose of travel which is less than 15 days.
  4. Has the round-trip ticket within 15 days.
  5. Identifies the residence in Thailand which is accountable.
  6. Has the photo size 4x6 cm. that has been taken less than six months.
  7. Not being a person in Section 12 of the Immigration Act, B.E. 2522.
  8. Pays the fee 2,000 THB/person and
  9. Has the plan to reside in Thailand appropriately (10,000 THB/person or 20,000 THB/household)

Please check the list of countries that are eligible for Visa on Arrival at

3. Fast Track /Priority Lane
A fast track for the VIP business travellers, maximum of 15 persons per one group.

4. Immigration
TCEB staff will check required documents and escort business travellers to the immigration processing.

5. Luggage collection
TCEB staff shall accommodate and invite business travellers to the baggage claim area.

6. Customs

TCEB staff shall verify the customs documents and duty exemption certify of the business travellers who wish to temporarily import the products to the kingdom for MICE events.

7. Facilitate public transportation.
TCEB staff shall facilitate and invite business travellers to the public transportation service at the exit.

8. Simple steps in applying for Fast Track Service

  1. The organiser fills the application form to use the MICE Lane and sends an email to 10 working days before the travel day.
  2. The MICE Lane staff shall confirm the application to the email of the relevant people.
  3. TCEB shall issue the document to expedite the immigration process and submit it to the Immigration Office.
  4. The MICE Lane staff provides the service as per request.

*If there is incomplete or inaccurate information, TCEB shall contact the relevant persons within three days after receiving the application.

9. TCEB Information Counter
For more information, please contact TCEB information counter in front of baggage claim no.18

10. Area of MICE public relations signs
With the support of the Airports of Thailand, the organisers shall be assigned the area to display the public relations or advertisement signs to welcome the participants.

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Mr. Jamikorn Sunthornsaratul


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