Thailand 7 MICE
Magnificent Themes

Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau (Public Organization) or TCEB has implemented the projects in developing MICE destinations “Thailand Seven MICE Magnificent Themes” that can be incorporated into a route’s travel experience. This project based on an extensive study analysing venue potential as well as the level of company and community readiness to launch five new routes in each of the five MICE cities. The creation of outstanding new MICE products and services was key to meeting the demands of domestic and international MICE stakeholders.

The Thailand Seven MICE Magnificent Themes are

Fascinating History and Culture

means historic, cultural, and social value site visit including places of mental affnity for later generations.

Exhilarating Adventures

refer to travelling to places where the environment is different from normal environment, consisting of physical activity, natural environment, and immersion into culture.

Treasured Team Building

illustrates harmony creation among members of a group through various activities which may be a brainstorming activity or joining activity bases so that groups can share ideas and exchangeknowledge.

CSR and Green Meetings

means Corporate Social Responsibility which is a commitment to the stakeholders in order to operate the business in a transparent and ethically sustainable manner, either in economic, society and environment.

Beach Bliss

represents activities to experience beachfront atmosphere or activities set up on the beach so that to feel differently from the ordinary activities.

Lavish Luxury

brings luxury trip which gained more popularity recently to provide a great experience for MICE enthusiasts.

Culinary Journeys

depicts travel that is motivated by going to a place where unique food is presented or may refer to production of food, food festival, restaurant, and food-specifc location.

The seven themes are illustrated in a TCEB guidebook of creative ideas for MICE destinations and have been identified as having the greatest interest for international and domestic MICE travelers. The purpose is to develop venues for MICE activities or new MICE destination for entrepreneurs and MICE industry that can be practically used. This guidebook of creative idea for MICE destinations will mainly focus on the five MICE cities including Bangkok, Khon Kaen, Chiang Mai, Pattaya and Phuket, which will be presented through seven perspectives, namely Fascinating History and Culture, Exhilarating Adventures, Treasured Team Building, CSR and Green Meetings, Beach Bliss, Lavish Luxury, Culinary Journeys. TCEB truly hopes that this guidebook “Creative ideas for MICE destinations” will provide alternative, explore new perspectives in creating. For more information, please register to E-Library to download a book and leaflet. Here