Thai Way x MICE Way: promote a sustainable community

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Bangkok and major cities across Thailand are attractive and alluring destinations in term of a mixture of arts, culture, way of life, uniqueness of various communities. They also have the capabilities to support a wide variety of MICE activities that show Thailand has long been ranked as one of the top travel destinations in the world.

The gathering of distinctive, unique and valuable identities of local communities and MICE industry contributes to local community development and income distribution. How do local communities connect with MICE industry? Let’s take a look.

Promoting local products through exhibitions

Exhibitions are transformed into the Walking Street that gives local communities an opportunity to proudly display and sell their famous products to attendees inside the exhibitions. Apart from being just a trading platform, it is also a stage that can promote each local city’s unique product to be even more well-known through the product exhibitions. 

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Portraying local culture and way of life through festivals 

The diversity of geography of Thailand affects the differences of traditions in each region. The traditions of each local community represent arts, culture, way of life, and traditional food. Moreover, traditions and festivals can also be used as a great tool to advertise a beauty of culture and local’s way of life thoroughly.

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Developing local cities to support various MICE events
Local cities have developed in terms of physical aspect, environments, and people to creatively support various MICE events and connect local community with MICE industry. So, visitors get to experience meaningful and charming uniqueness while local people and MICE travellers can also gain a grand and memorable experience from the communities.

MICE industry creates new innovations from local cities
The eco-friendly trend has an effect on MICE industry currently. So, TCEB and local cities decide to exchange information among them and create innovations by searching for new eco-friendly innovations. At MICE event, we will get to see local people’s ideas are presented by using simple natural materials, such as banana peels, banana stems, banana leaves, and betel leaves as alternatives for plastic. This is the new eco-friendly creation which inspires local people to see the value of things inside communities and those can also be developed into MICE innovations that answer all about the current and popular eco-friendly trend.

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Preserving folk wisdom through participating in MICE activities
Folk Wisdom or things passed down from generation to generation, can be conserved by allowing MICE travellers to participate in activities that are relevant to each community’s folk wisdom preservation. Moreover, conservation of folk wisdom raises awareness for future generations to see the value of folk wisdom and conserve it to remain in local city for a long term.

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Apart from what is mentioned above, MICE business also builds up unity among local communities through the cooperation of people to create MICE activities or support MICE venues. It will lead to the growth of economic value, the increases of employment, and income distribution. So, MICE industry and local communities have to develop a sustainable community together in order to remain our unique attributes.

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