TCEB promotes 25 MICE routes Stimulating domestic and international MICE travel

 Mr. Chiruit Isarangkun Na Ayuthaya, President of Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau (Public Organization) or TCEB, said that competition in the global MICE industry is increasing every year and nowhere more so than in the Asian region, which is enjoying strong economic growth and offers a diversity of tourist attractions. The creation of outstanding aspects, differentiation and new products through the development of MICE products and services including event venues and new activities both pre/post MICE events, are key and urgent tasks in meeting the demands of domestic and international MICE entrepreneurs.  

            The TCEB has therefore designed a MICE industry development strategy, which emphasizes creative ideas for MICE destinations to expand and upgrade the MICE venues as well as new MICE activities with a focus on the 5 MICE Cities of Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket, Chiang Mai and Khon Kaen. The bureau has is also collaborating with the public, private and educational sectors as well as local communities to develop MICE business, create awareness of the impact of MICE business on economic development and distribute income at the regional level. 

 In the MICE industry, and especially the meetings sector, each country or city has to develop new products to attract quality MICE travelers, stimulate demand for organizing MICE events and enhance MICE competitiveness. In this regard, the bureau initiated a study of the “Thailand 7 MICE Significant Themes” project with the aim of reinforcing the potential of the MICE industry in Thailand. Based on the development strategy for these 5 MICE Cities, the TCEB used the study to define new routes and develop companies as well as communities throughout the country to accommodate MICE events.   

              The bureau started its study in the 5 MICE Cities, the cultural capitals of each destination, analyzing the potential and capability of the venues, companies and communities, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and obstacles. 

            The result is a guidebook of creative ideas for MICE destinations presented through seven perspectives, which are considered of the greatest interest to international and domestic MICE travelers. The Thailand 7 MICE Magnificent Themes are Fascinating History and Culture, Exhilarating Adventures, Treasured Team Building, CSR and Green Meetings, Beach Bliss, Lavish Luxury, and Culinary Journeys.

            Three criteria are being used to assess the development and upgrading of companies to host the MICE events: that the company has the capacity to accommodate no fewer than 30 MICE participants; the venue intended for holding MICE events meets at least one of the seven perspectives; and has the preparedness in terms of safety standards, facilities and human resources who have knowledge, understanding and capability to provide MICE services.

            The TCEB is collaborating with all the concerned parties in organizing workshops in central, northern, southern and northeastern regions. These will allow for brainstorming, sharing opinions and discussing the capability of the companies and communities to host the events and accommodate MICE travelers. The bureau will also discuss and work with the Thailand Incentive and Convention Association (TICA) in developing MICE routes to meet the needs of target customers including event organizers, and public and private organizations. Finally, the bureau has successfully developed 25 MICE routes based on the new seven perspectives in 5 MICE Cities.

      The following 25 MICE routes in 5 MICE Cities are divided into 5 routes for each city  Bangkok

                           Route 1: PTT Metro Forest Learning Center; Siam Serpentarium

                           Route 2: Hua Ta-khe community

                           Route 3: Thai Food Heritage; Tha Maharaj pier; Supatra River House

                           Route 4: Chakrabongse Villas & Residences, Thailand Creative & Design Center; House No. 1; Siam Commercial Bank, Talat

                    Noi branch; Talat Noi

                           Route 5: Sao Ching Cha; Bang Rak market; Yaowarat Road

                    Khon Kaen

                           Route 1: Aura Farm; Khon Kaen Zoo

                           Route 2: Ban Hua Fai

                           Route 3: Nam Phong National Park

                           Route 4: Wat Pa Mancha Khiri temple; Baan Wai Leum; Sim Wat Sa Thong Ban Bua temple

                           Route 5: Ban Dong Bang community

                     Chiang Mai

                           Route 1: Huai Hong Khrai Royal; Development Study Center; Horizon Village & Resort

                           Route 2: Mae Taeng Cooperative; Huay Tueng Thao Reservoir; Health Lanna Spa

                           Route 3: Doi Pha Hom Pok National Park

                           Route 4: Ban Mae Ton community enterprise; Doi Saket Agricultural Cooperative

                           Route 5: Baan Tawai village; Punpon Farms; Chiang Mai Cultural Center


                           Route 1: Flight of the Gibbon; A’ La Campagne Pattaya; Ocean Marina Yacht Club

                           Route 2: Na Kluea community; Nong Nooch Garden Pattaya; Chak Ngaeo Chinese community

                           Route 3: Ma Ha Tai; Pattaya Shooting Park; Royal Cliff Hotels Group

                           Route 4: Koh Kham Undersea Park; Ramayana Water Park; Silverlake Vineyard

                           Route 5: Takiantia community


                           Route 1: Phuket Wake Park; Boat Lagoon Resort

                           Route 2: Thalang Cultural Village Ban Kanan; Blue Elephant School and Restaurant (Baan Pitak Chin Pracha)

                           Route 3: Pa Klok community; Peranakan Phuket Museum

                           Route 4: Tiger Kingdom; Vanich Farm

                           Route 5: Sirinath National Park; Old Phuket Town

            Related ongoing development projects in 2019 include marketing promotions and public relations. The TCEB will promote the seminars, incentive travel, international conventions and exhibitions in the 25 MICE routes via two key channels. The first aims to create awareness through media and TCEB’s activities in brochures covering each MICE City, a guidebook of creative ideas for MICE destinations and a QR Code to promote new routes via international trade shows. A sales promotion video will also be prepared. 

            The second is to create awareness through media and joint activities with strategic partners including the provincial organizers, TICA as well as Designated Areas for Sustainable Tourism Administration (Public Organization) or DASTA in both central and local areas.

This year, the TCEB is planning to expand the creative ideas for MICE destinations project in 5 second-tier cities surrounding the major MICE Cities. In addition, the bureau also plans to develop a mobile application linking concerned organizations to enhance awareness of the routes.             This is in line with the strategy for MICE Cities Development and the government's policy for the development of second-tier cities to jointly drive the country as diverse destinations to host quality MICE events. The bureau is moving forward to upgrade products and services and develop new MICE venues in all regions. These will generate revenue and increase opportunities for MICE development throughout the country.

            In the 2019 fiscal year, the TCEB expects to welcome a total of 35,982,000 MICE travelers, generating revenue of 221.5 billion baht. Among them will be 1,320,000 international MICE travelers contributing revenue of 100.0 billion baht and 34,662,000 domestic MICE travelers, generating revenue of 121 billion baht, Mr. Chiruit concludes.  

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