25 August 2015, Bangkok: Thailand Convention & Exhibition Bureau or TCEB has hastened the drafting of 5-year roadmap to implement the ‘MICE Sustainability Thailand’, reinforcing Thailand as the world’s leading MICE business hub with the pilot project ‘MICE Sustainability Forum 2015’ in late August. Additionally, UNGC’s expert and leading businesspersons of Thailand and foreign countries were invited to share viewpoints and ideas to more than 150 Thai MICE entrepreneurs on building business leadership using sustainable management and administration system.

Mr. Nopparat Maythaveekulchai, President, Thailand Convention & Exhibition Bureau (Public Organization) or TCEB, disclosed that TCEB has drafted the 5-year MICE Sustainability Thailand model scheme (Year 2016-2020) with the mission to reinforce Thailand as the world’s leading sustainable MICE destination. Basing on the policy on the conservation of nature and management towards sustainability, the scheme optimises the competitiveness and participation of all segments.

“Formulated in relation to Thailand’s prime model scheme for Thai MICE industry, our scheme embraces the development of strategies for the operation and activities that concentrate on utilising environmental friendly resources, together with drafting up promotional plan for Thai MICE entrepreneurs to recognise the importance and clear directions towards MICE sustainability for Thailand. All of which will lead to the synergy in the improvement of the management of one’s own organisation to enhance profitability and public image of the organisation in terms of corporate social responsibility.”

The development and framework of the formulation of 5-year model scheme on the management of MICE Sustainability Thailand (Year 2016-2020), comprises 3 key strategies, including 1.The determination of vision, mission, strategies, promotion and supervision 2.The creation of participation of all segments, from entrepreneurs, alliances to Thai people 3.The establishment of sustainable management system within TCEB through integrated forms of activities to create awareness within the organisation.

The 5-year roadmap divides the operation into 4 phases, including Phase 1 (Year 2016) involves the establishment of participation with associates and the development of operation plans, ranging from forming the National Sustainable Destination Committee, joining with key associates, such as relevant ministries, association, organisations and MICE entrepreneurs in drafting the MICE sustainability development plan in line with the creation of sustainable management system within TCEB, developing marketing tools and marketing communications channels that reach target audiences to developing the fundamentals of operation for sustainability, e.g. the calculation of carbon footprint, etc.

Phase 2 (Year 2017) involves the creation of awareness and enhancement of competitive advantages by emphasising on the recruitment of domestic and foreign alliances along with the development of training programmes; Phase 3 (Year 2018) involves the development of new innovations and differentiation of Thai MICE by concentrating on friendly environment management and creating the arena for collaboration within Asian through a designation of International Advisory Board;

Phase 4 (Year 2019-2020) involves the implementation of strategies on the supervision and promotional measures in order to enable Thailand to acquire certification as a destination for MICE sustainability from the Global Sustainable Tourism Council : GSTC. Meanwhile, TCEB expects the organisation to pass the certification on sustainable events management or ISO 20121. Throughout all phases of operation, TCEB is set to coordinate with domestic and foreign MICE sustainability associates.

“In order to initiate the project, TCEB held the MICE Sustainability Forum 2015 which was a seminar on the viewpoints, ideas and principles of operation towards the sustainability on international standards held for more than 150 attendees who were Thai MICE entrepreneurs. TCEB strongly believes that the seminar inspired and reinforce all segments to lend helping hands on the constitution of model scheme by which encouraged the competitiveness of Thailand to grow as the hub of MICE with genuine sustainability.” concluded Mr. Nopparat.


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