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Redefining Thailand’s Business Event Landscape

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The Thailand Convention & Exhibition Bureau (TCEB) continues to shape the business events industry of Thailand with exceptional acumen and effective solutions. With a robust service support system and innovative approaches to co-create distinctive programs for the organisers, TCEB is redefining the MICE landscape to maintain Thailand’s impact as a top Asian business destination.

Established by Royal Decree in 2002, the government agency is tasked with promoting and developing the business tourism sector in Thailand. Since 2004, TCEB has successfully established the country as Asia’s largest business events hub, by providing amenable service support for MICE programs.

Today, TCEB is heeding the government’s economic ‘Thailand 4.0’ policy, and targeting 10 key industries to align with international interests and be future-ready.

TCEB will be your reliable partner in all aspects of your business events in the Kingdom.


Keeping up with global trends and market surveys, TCEB is armed with a 5-year Master Plan for the MICE industry, and a 20-year Strategy Master Plan. We have considered not only international and domestic developments, but also drafted our projections with research from reliable expert data banks.

With the Thailand government’s newest economic policy ‘Thailand 4.0’, 10 key industries have been identified for extra support. We have aligned ourselves to further this national development plan.

Vision &

In order to accelerate the growth and further development of our sector, in my opinion, 5 directions are of particular importance, since they are the basis for the integration of the whole system of servicing corporate events.

1. Establishment of effective interaction between the public and private sectors in terms of further development of the Thai service industry for corporate events. TCEB certainly will not be able to work with full efficiency without the support of state organizations and private companies. TCEB will concentrate its efforts on working together in forms that are organically inherent in our culture, ensuring that all participants attract organizers of events to Thailand and promote the Thai corporate services sector.

Awards & Accolades

Thailand continues to earn accolades as a top global MICE destination, and stays ahead as a thought-leader country that’s redefining business events.

Here are some of the awards we have received over the years.

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Meet TCEB's Board of Directors - the esteemed individuals who founded and has steered the organisation since inception. To met the rest of the team, select the individual departments that you wish to work with, and contact the respective staff for their expertise. With our business events community, we are keen to fulfil your