TCEB’s Warmest Welcome The Countries With The Promotional Campaign in Exhibitors and Visitors

Thailand Convention & Exhibition Bureau (TCEB) has received positive responses from countries participating in exhibitions in Thailand thanks to its campaign strategies and promotions.

Business associations from China and Cambodia have been in contact with TCEB to discuss their visits to events in Thailand and the benefits and support they have obtained from TCEB that is willing to meet partners’ special needs.

The state-run organization tasked with promoting meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions (MICE) in Thailand has exchanged information and experiences with the Shanghai Tuocheng International Exhibition Co.,Ltd and the Cambodia Business Association.

They have shared pleasure from their visits to trade show in Thailand and TCEB Exhibition Director Kanokporn Damrongkul has confirmed why Thailand impressively rewards exhibitions and visitors.

“Exhibitions in Thailand provide diverse opportunities. It is the largest profitable market in Southeast Asia, according to a report by UFI, Paris-based Global Association of the Exhibition Industry. Thailand ranks the first in ASEAN with 92 trade fairs according to ‘The Trade Fair Industry of Asia 14th Edition’ (2017). Last year its total exhibition space grew by 26%,” says  Ms Kanokporn.

Thailand offers visitors with effective connectivity to countries in and outside Southeast Asia as it is the hub and gateway of Southeast Asia and has free trade agreements with markets both within and outside the region, Apart from the big advantages, visitors definitely benefit from great support that TCEB is offering through its REDEFINE, Exhibiz in Market and ASEAN + 6 Privilege campaigns, Ms Kanokporn reveals.


In its REDEFINE campaign, TCEB has rolled out many initiatives to meet the shifting demands of exhibitors and visitors. TCEB’s Exhibiz in Market campaign brings worldwide organizers to national pavilions in trade shows where they can expand their business opportunities in Thailand and CLMV market

“Thailand is the important hub in ASEAN. We are interested in Thailand’s market and expect to reach cooperation with local purchasers. With the support from TCEB for Beyond Beauty and COSMEX, we keep space rising from 561 sqm in 2017 to 933 sqm in 2019 and higher rate of growth is expected in 2020. Most of our exhibitors are satisfied with exhibiting in Thailand’s tradeshow and it’s certainly that we will participate these Thailand tradeshows repeatedly,” says Mr.Tony Tong, Manager, Shanghai Tuocheng International Exhibition Co.,Ltd.

China is an important market especially when it comes to exhibitors in Thailand with a mere 16,000 participants in 2013 rising to 46,000 participants in 2018 or remarkable jump of 187 per cent. They are in various industries including of food and agriculture, automobile, construction and building materials, machinery and metal, plastics and packaging, medical devices, logistics, lighting, tourism, robotics, energy, and beauty and cosmetic.

Under the ASEAN+6 Privilege campaign, TCEB offers subsidies to business mission organizers including trade associations, trade federations, chambers of commerce, industrial publications and non-profit organizations that want to promote their members’ business opportunities through trade shows.

Ms. Au Sophaphin, the President of the Cambodia Business Association says that to bring  members to attend the trade show in Thailand during March to July in 2019 with ASEAN+6 Privilege. The support from TCEB generated maximum benefits to promote its trade and create trade opportunities between businessmen of the Cambodia and Thailand. Our members participated in Thailand Bakery Ice-Cream, VIV Asia, ASEAN Beauty and Thailand Franchise & Business Opportunity fairs.

The number of foreign exhibitors and visitors has been growing. From 2014 to 2019, their number rose by 35% on average. Foreign exhibitors and  visitors or buyers at exhibitions are also increasing in Thailand. Last year foreign exhibitor accounted 34,520 while visitors numbered 198,704. Among them, visitors from Cambodia have proved to be a new emerging market worth monitoring with its intensive growth of 36.34% last year.

TCEB has developed Thailand to be the center of trade shows in Southeast Asia through its 360° Exhibition Success campaign. Under the campaign, TCEB supports exhibition organization, brings new trade shows to Thailand and offers support to both exhibitors and visitors to ensure the steady and sustainable growth of international trade shows in Thailand.

“Followed the exhibitor promotion campaign, Exhibiz in Market,  is designed to grow new business by giving the national pavilion leader a business platform at exhibitions in Thailand. The applicants will be benefits from the interacting face-to-face with the international buyers and suppliers. In addition, the visitor campaign provided by TCEB follow the ASEAN+6 Privilege is provide support to assist business mission in bringing trade visitors from ASEAN+6 countries for business meeting during the exhibitions held in Thailand,” Ms Kanokporn discloses.