Diversified Communications Expands Its Reach into Thailand

January 22, 2014

Already located in Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, India, the United Kingdom and the United States, Diversified Communications is expanding its global footprint even more, with the purchase of Kavin Intertrade in Thailand.The acquisition adds seven consumer and business events to Diversified’s portfolio.

“It is exciting to kick off the New Year with an acquisition that brings us to a new region and even more impressive when we consider the ten product launches planned for 2014 and the five acquisitions we closed in 2013.” stated Daniel Hildreth, chair of Diversified’s Board of Directors.

He added, “This is all part of a long-term growth strategy, now being finessed and driven by Ted Wirth, Diversified’s President and CEO.”

A few of Kavin Intertrade’s shows include the Thai Franchise and SME Expo 2013, on tap Feb. 14-17 at IMPACT Exhibition Center and collocated with several other events, as well as the Thailand Food, Retail & Hospitality Services 2013 show, also held alongside other events.

This is just the latest acquisition by Diversified. Last year, the company expanded its business management sector by purchasing of the Accounts Payable Network (TAPN) and The Accounts Receivable Network (TARN) in addition to the Institute of Finance & Management ( IOFM) portfolio of products.

In all, Diversified has completed 20 acquisitions since 2007 and launched more than 60 events since 2004. Ten more product launches also are planned for this year.

“Our growth strategy to further the company’s diversification of risk through events serving different industries, in different geographies, with different formats; and launching to broaden the scope of our operations and provide further diversification in these areas has been our practice for the last decade,” said company President and CEO Ted Wirth.

He added,  “All this growth isn’t possible without our talented and ever growing staff who are dedicated to our new products and services and evolving our existing products to meet the needs of the ever-changing markets we serve.”

Source: http://www.tsnn.com/news-blogs/diversified-communications-expands-its-reach-thailand