Thailand Reopens. Exhibition Industry Restarts

Thailand Reopens. Exhibition Industry Restarts. 

Business opportunities are revived, and next success stories are ready for all international show organizers, exhibitors and visitors worldwide as you are now warmly welcomed to Thailand, your exhibition destination and a gateway to ASEAN market. Come make your presence and mark your statement here through our series of unbeatable subvention programs. 

From this 1st November, Thailand has officially reopened. Travellers from every corner of the world are allowed to enter Thailand with or without quarantine based on their vaccination status and countries of departure, according to Thailand’s Prime Minister’s instruction to the Centre for COVID-19 Situation Administration (CCSA) and the Ministry of Public Health. Consequently,the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as the Head of the “Operation Centre for Measures on the Entry into and Departure from the Kingdom, and Protection of Thai Nationals Abroad” has issued a notification on the list of countries and territories permitted to enter the Kingdom of Thailand, quarantine exempted, starting with up to 63 destinations. This list is, of course, to be extended in this coming December and January, respectively. 

Upon vaccination performance, Thailand is ranked world’s top 10 fastest countries administering shots. Up to 50 million of Thais, or about 70% of the entire population are expected with two doses by end-2021. Relatively, we are going beyond the vaccination roll-out, and are working on the continuous boosting plan. 

TCEB (Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau) has been more than ready to re-boost Thailand’s exhibition industry. Get efficiently supported and thoroughly served with well-rounded subvention programs for organizers’ exhibition management, exhibitors’ participation and visitors’ engagement. Under the “Co-Creating Exhibition Future” concept, we can strive and thrive in pursuit of success towards the promising future, together in Thailand. 

Currently, over 70 international exhibitions are requesting our subsidy package for Y2022. Come stage your shows, and make another portfolio of success here. 

For application to TCEB’s supports or more details, please e-mail to: