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Thailand is well-known for the “Uniquely Thai” which impresses the international MICE travellers whether it is the unique service and hospitality of people and Thai food. Discover new experiences in the unique way of life in terms of valuable traditions and local culture and plentiful nature. Besides, assorted MICE activities and events are available to fulfill all kinds of demand. It is a rare experience that can be discovered in Thailand only. Moreover, with the efficient provision of the world-class facility to organise MICE events and the diverse concept of the creative organisation under the uniqueness, Thailand is the destination that fulfills all demands for MICE. 

1.  Thainess

  •   Kindness and Service-Mindedness 

Thai people are kind and welcoming hosts, always ready to welcome and serve international MICE travellers, offering friendship through products and services, and creating unforgettable memories bound to impress visitors. It is hardly surprising that this level of service and hospitality leads to repeat visits from many foreign tourists, resulting in additional foreign income for the service industry and creating sustainable long-term growth for the Thai MICE industry.   

  •   Respect and Humility to Our Elders  

Respect for, and humility towards, our elders are key components of the Thai identity and are traits often remarked upon by foreign visitors. The expressions of deference and respect from the younger generations towards their elders indicates a deep respect for the traditions and wisdom imbued in families and across society at large. They reflect the virtues of politeness and morals valued by the people of Thailand. 

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  •   Flexibility and a Willingness to Compromise 

Compromise and flexibility, and a distaste for conflict allow for peaceful co-existence for all people in Thai society. Thai society values openness to the opinions of others, both local and those of foreign visitors. This is a major plus when your MICE event provider is keen to offer flexibility and a willingness to meet the requirements of the event organiser and participants.

2.  Thailand Only
  •   Thai Massage 

Thai massage is a traditional health treatment that is a part of local cultural heritage that has been passed down since before the Sukhothai period of Thai history. Thai massage is unique in its focus on applying pressure, gripping and tracing lines along the prasan sib (10 principal) energy lines and can be used to treat various medical conditions and relieve pain. The wisdom and science involved in the application of Thai massage has been passed down through generations. 

Thai massage is famous across the globe and is uniquely different from Western massage techniques in its combination of massage and slow yoga-like stretching along the body’s energy lines. The principles of Thai massage have long been an intrinsic part of traditional Thai medicine. The Wat Phra Chetuphon Traditional Massage School at Wat Po in Bangkok continues to develop the techniques through its teachings and study, and is recognised both domestically and internationally. The school has now expanded, opening additional branches of the traditional massage school, and the Chetawan Salaya Health Centre to continue to share its expertise, and provide training in Thai massage and traditional medicine. 

More information: http://www.watpomassage.com 

  •   Thai Tea “Cha Tra Mue”  

Thai iced tea was recently ranked #7 in a list of the most delicious non-alcoholic drinks by tasteatlas. There are many Thai teas that have now found popularity around the world, and one of the most outstanding brands taking Thai tea to the world is Cha Tra Mue, whose intention is to build the global awareness and popularity of Thai tea by producing high-quality, delicious tea to be enjoyed by all. Cha Tra Mue utilises state-of-the-art factory management techniques and employs a unique production process that results in the highest-quality dried tea products. Amongst their most popular dried tea products are red tea, green tea, oolong tea, and rose tea, which can be used as raw materials to make any number of beverages and desserts. Cha Tra Mue’s dried tea products are popular both in Thailand and abroad. They are also hugely popular with foreign tourists visiting Thailand who can be seen buying and drinking the famous Thai teas in outlets across the country, and purchasing the product at the airport or branches near popular tourist attractions to take home with them as tasty souvenirs. With the growing awareness and popularity of Thai teas among tourists, you really must make sure you try Cha Tra Mue’s famous cha yen on your next trip to Thailand.

More information: https://www.cha-thai.com/

  •   Indigo Fabric

Indigo-dyed fabrics are hand- or machine-woven fabrics dyed with natural indigo in shades from light to dark blue. The art of creating the fabrics is a traditional handicraft reflecting the identity, history, and culture of the people of Sakon Nakhon in the Isan region of Thailand. Sakon Nakhon has been certified by the World Crafts Council as a “World Craft City for Natural Indigo”, the first Thai province to receive such designation. The local indigo-dyed fabric industry has provided employment and a source of income for the local people for generations. Local knowledge regarding indigo planting and dyeing is a source of pride across Isan but particularly in Sakon Nakhon. The indigo dye is usually applied to cotton threads before they are woven into a piece of fabric or a mudmee pattern by hand creating pieces unique to each locality. Nowadays, newer techniques such as tie-dying, candle writing, and batik are incorporated to create contemporary patterns and colours. Indigo-dyed fabric is also known as “beautiful skin fabric” as the ancient chemical-free dyeing process is not harmful to the skin and the fabrics are cool to wear. According to ancient folk medicine, the scent of the dye also works as a relaxant. It’s hardly a surprise that indigo fabrics are such popular souvenirs with visiting MICE travellers.         

More information: https://www.culture.go.th/

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3. Local Community

  •   Khlong Lat Mayom Community, Bangkok

Khlong Lat Mayom, also known as the Khlong Lat Mayom Floating Market, is a model waterfront community managed by the citizens of the community under an environmentally-sustainable model that includes generating its own power from alternative energy sources. The floating market was founded by Chuan Chuchan with the objective of creating a sustainable income model for the community. It began with 15-20 local people bringing produce or other sellable items to sell on weekends and public holidays. The floating market currently comprises a number of zones with lots of fresh food and utensils on sale. Among the dishes not to be missed are the sea food including grilled fish and grilled shrimp, deep-fried offerings, aromatic coconuts, and much more waiting to tempt the taste buds of both Thai and foreign visitors. For MICE travellers, the market also offers a fantastic opportunity to experience the unique and fascinating way of life of the fast-disappearing canal-side communities.

  •   Ban Toey Community, Nakhon Ratchasima

Ban Toey Community is a self-managed community that applies the sufficiency economy and integrated agriculture principles of His Majesty King Rama IX to enable them to address the problems of saline soil, ineffective farming techniques, and runaway debt. Applying these principles allowed the community to come together to analyse problems and find solutions, and Ban Toey is now a Sufficiency Economy Learning Centre of the Office of the Special Committee for Co-ordinating Projects, generating more than two million baht in annual income from study visits and training for other communities. Among the activities run by the community are organic rice processing, organic fertiliser production, renewable energy production, wood vinegar production, rice milling, wholesale bag production, and household accounting. Ban Toey is a wonderful example of how a community that has problems with the quality of its soil and is unable to cultivate crops as desired can come together for the betterment of all, and thus stands as a model of sustainability that others can emulate.

  •   Ban Rai Muang Tourism Community, Loei 

Ban Rai Muang community has a distinct community identity as a result of the famous local rai muang pineapple. These pineapples are renowned for their aroma and gentle, sweet taste. Ban Rai Muang was the first community in Loei province to grow pineapples, as well as other seasonal fruits, and its produce is classified as 4-star OTOP products. The community is located in Tambon Nam Man surrounded by mountains with views of the Upper Man Reservoir. An annual highlight is the “Nam Man Trail” where Thai and foreign visitors are invited to join and experience the local way of life. The trail offers MICE travellers and others the opportunity to pick and eat the freshest fruit available in the local orchards. Once walking – or running – the trail is finished, participants can finish their day enjoying a delicious meal together in the local village restaurant. 

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Credit Photo : https://www.facebook.com/banraimuang

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