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Thailand is well-known for the “Uniquely Thai” which impresses the international MICE travellers whether it is the unique service and hospitality of people and Thai food. Discover new experiences in the unique way of life in terms of valuable traditions and local culture and plentiful nature. Besides, assorted MICE activities and events are available to fulfill all kinds of demand. It is a rare experience that can be discovered in Thailand only. Moreover, with the efficient provision of the world-class facility to organise MICE events and the diverse concept of the creative organisation under the uniqueness, Thailand is the destination that fulfills all demands for MICE.

1.  Thainess

  •   The wai

One of the cultural traits that has been practised by Thai people since ancient times, is the wai. The wai is an expression of greeting and showing respect between people. It demonstrates a sense of reverence and mutual respect. In Thai culture it can be used to greet, show thanks, apologise, and say goodbye. As an expression of respect it can be divided into three levels: paying homage to religious symbols, paying homage to our elders, and paying homage to our peers. The level of each expression is determined by the position of the fingers in relation to the face.

  •   The Thai Smile

Thailand has long been known as “the land of smiles” and the nickname originated from the impression that foreign visitors received when being welcomed by a local smile conveying gentleness, humility, and friendship. The Thai smile reflects an expression of hospitality and a willingness to be of help, and is often cited as one of the charms of the Thai people.

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  •   Sufficiency

Thai people subscribe to the principle of sufficiency which is a way of living your life based on three important principles: moderation, reason, and protection and valuing the concepts of knowledge and virtue according to the philosophy of His Majesty Bhumibol Adulyadej the Great.

2.  Thailand Only

  •   Thai Dance

Thai traditional dance is an important element of Thai arts and culture and possesses a very distinctive identity. Many Thai dance forms require an advanced level of skill, including the khon. Thai dramas and ethnic dance forms vary by name and form according to their origins, and are influenced by local beliefs and culture, religion, language, and form an intrinsic part of local identities reflecting the feelings, thoughts, and way of life of the communities from which the dances originated. Thai schools continue to offer classes in Thai dance preserving this valuable cultural heritage and ensuring it gets passed down through the generations, and performances are often staged as part of public activities hosted by both the government and private sector.

  •   Tuk Tuks

The Thai form of transport - the tuk tuk – is well known by foreigners around the world. The three-wheeled, brightly-painted, open-air vehicle is an iconic part of Thailand’s image overseas. Riding in a tuk tuk as part of a visit to Thailand is high on the agenda of many foreign visitors.

The tuk tuk was also the source of inspiration for the traditional costume worn by Thailand’s representative at the Miss Universe pageant held in Las Vegas in 2015, where the gown was awarded the “best national costume”.  

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  •   Elephant Pants

The ubiquitous elephant pants have grown in popularity with both foreign visitors and Thai locals. The comfortable trousers feature an unmistakable elephant-print design interspersed with traditional Thai design elements. The trousers are made from a light-weight cotton perfect for Thailand’s hot weather. The long-legged trousers have now been adapted into short pants and 7-pocket pants and are made in a wide range of sizes. Raising their fashion cred, the elephant pants have recently become popular with many K-Pop and other visiting international artists.

3. Local Community

  •   Ban Mueang Ruang Community, Chiang Rai

Ban Mueang Ruang Community is a community located in northern Chiang Rai province where the ethnic Tai Yuan and Akha people live. The community adheres to the sufficiency economy principle and has been selected as a model community by the Yon Withi Community Tourism project in 2021 and 2022. It is a community well set up to welcome tourists with its Sud Sai Yai Kong Community Market proving popular for its organic agricultural produce and local handicrafts. One of the most popular local dishes is the delicious jin som, or naem moo, a pork dish which is recognised by the Ministry of Culture as a CPOT (Thai cultural) product.

  •   Ban Charoensuk Community, Buri Ram

"Ban Charoensuk is a prosperous community in the northeastern province of Buri Ram. In times past the area featured a number of volcanoes, especially in the Chaloen Phra Khiat district. One of the extinct volcanoes is Khao Angkarn which has allowed the community of Ban Charoensuk to take advantage of the mineral-rich soil to grow cotton, which is dyed and woven according to traditional local methods. The community’s most famous product is phu akanee, a soft fabric with unique light brown and volcanic reddish-brown colours. The community has established the Volcano Fabric Demonstration Centre to educate visitors and highlight the skills of the locals. The centre offers visitors to the community opportunities to learn about the local culture and traditional wisdom, and has been recognised as an OVC (OTOP Village Champion) village.

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  •   Ban Bo Nam Ron Community, Yala

Another community recognised by the Yon Withi Community Tourism Project in 2022 is the Ban Bo Nam Ron Community in the southern province of Yala. This multi-cultural community is home to the ethnic Lahu, or Muser, people. The local people maintain their traditional style of dress, traditions, and performing arts, leading the community to become a cultural landmark popular with both Thais and foreign visitors. The community is also home to some beautiful natural features, including the large Betong Hot Springs. It’s a great spot for a mineral bath where you can soak your feet and relax tyred muscles, and even boil an egg in seven minutes. The spot also offers a great vantage point for views of the magnificent Ayerweng Sea of Fog.

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