With pristine shores faces the Andaman Sea and lush forests inland, Phuket offers a balmy tropical setting geared for unwinding. But luxurious options also lie ready for the business traveller, with event spaces and options like cruises to host business events. Pair your meetings with escapes, or craft an event with a stunning backdrop for maximum impact at this gem of a location.


Phuket is the movie star of Thailand. Renowned as the island escape that rejuvenates the body and soul, or to find something you've lost, the destination is first popularised by Leonardo Dicaprio's The Beach, where his character finds himself with a retreat to Phi Phi Island nearby. Paradise is easily found in the island city, no matter for business or leisure, and the plentiful selection means every visit can be a different experience altogether. Aggregating the best of Southeast Asian influences, it's a perfect representation of the region and with its generous amenities, marks it as the MICE city of Andaman.

Quote: “ Paradise is easily found in the island city, no matter for business or leisure. ”

Places to Go

Phuket's contrast is best found in its activities. Start your morning by finessing yourself at Phuket Wake Park, and pit yourself at 11 sections of the 140 m lake. The Boat Lagoon Resort is a great place to keep that adrenaline going, with large areas for team-building set-ups that can be easily arranged by the venue. Then wind down and learn about the indigenous Thalang people at their cultural village, and relax with traditional Manohra dance, art and local games. Show off your cooking skills next at Blue Elephant, a renowned school that shares about the concept of royalty Thai cuisine, and stir up a plate of local noodles! Finally, appreciate the natural resources with activities at the environmental conservation and natural resources at Pa Klok Community, where eco-friendly practices are shared, such as studying the return of gibbons to the forest, or rubber-tapping.

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