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2021 is the year of Digital Technology that people increasingly live their lives in the online world. Many industries, therefore, have to adapt themselves to keep up with the technology trend. This year is the year that MICE innovations and technologies are truly making great strides. Various platform providers launch a lot of new features and services to satisfy users and compete with other companies. Today, TCEB gathers the interesting MICE innovations updates for you. What are the new MICE innovations and which platforms they are from? Let’s have a look.

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Upgrading an interaction among online participants to be more realistic with “Tables”, a new and distinguished feature turns front end into a lobby displaying the tables labeled with the topic of each conversation and name of participants. The attendees can choose which tables they prefer and easily move to other tables if they want. Moreover, they can have a conversation at the table while listening to the presentation from the main stage. The “Table” feature is suitable for seminars, trade shows that require spaces, business matching, fundraising, and alumni reunions. We are certain that the attendees will experience a new kind of fun event on this online platform undoubtedly. For more information:


UgoVirtual will make the participants feel thrilled with 360° online exhibitions by offering the new outstanding feature, “3D Objects” which displays every corner of products. You can also resize the products to be either smaller or bigger. The feature is ideal not only for trade shows, but also for other online events which will attract more sponsorships to support the events. Even though we are capable of holding On Site events nowadays, this feature still helps present some items that are too large or cost too expensive shipping fee such as cars, industrial machinery, or pre-ordered imported products in the form of virtual 3D. In addition to “3D Objects”, there are other new services including Digital Swag, AR Portals, and Hologram which will enhance virtual experiences. For those who are interested in 3D Technology, please visit:


6Connex adds a new technology as a helper for organizers to understand the attendees better by using the technology, “Amazon Personalize” in the “Soar and Rise” feature. It is a Machine Learning technology which utilizes AI to analyze the data, and effectively recommend personalized content, networks, and business partners for each participant in real-time. In addition to impress the attendees with the attentiveness, the organizers will get useful data for further adapting for the next activities and develop new things. More information about Soar and Rise and other features can be found at:


Organizing virtual events on online platform is a great challenge for organizers as the events have to be amusing and attractive enough to retain the attendees throughout the whole events. MetaVenue is an advanced platform for virtual events with the concept that both organizers and attendees are the center of the event. This technology is created and developed based on video games which give lots of fun and thrills to the participants. Moreover, the features such as backgrounds and activities can be customized to deliver brand identity or the identity of the hosts and make them memorable. Also, creating real-time interactions between organizers and participants will transform virtual events into a fun and unforgettable experience for participants despite no face-to-face meetings. For those who are interested in the MetaVenue and would like to know more information, please visit: MetaVenue

The update on innovations that we selected and introduced to you are interesting in all kinds of different ways. Apart from organizing the events nowadays to be even more creative than before, organizers should also utilize technologies to appeal more attendees. In the era of digital, it is an advantage for organizers to have data about attendees as it can be further used in the future events. Also, it would help organizers to be able to select any innovations suitable for their events in order to urge the attendees to revisit. 

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