Thai Way x MICE Way Understand the North through a life-creating community

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Local communities in the North are one of the charming local communities in Thailand where whoever visits, they always feel enchanted by breathtaking nature and could not help but fall in love with the fresh and cool air from cold wind and mist. The northern town not only has attractive physical and geographical aspects but also holds the hidden charm of its captivating arts, culture, and lifestyle, which differentiate each northern communities’ attributes. We would like to introduce all MICE travellers to the northern communities of Thailand that will offer you many creative experiences for planning MICE activities for you.

If you travel to the North, you cannot miss Chiang Mai province. Local communities in Chiang Mai have interesting yet distinctive identities, such as the On Tai community in San Kamphaeng district. ‘The On Tai community’, a creative industry village, combines the culture and different lifestyle of local residents from 11 villages with creativity which outstandingly creates its exceptional uniqueness through colorful fabrics, unique patterned crockeries, and organic farms.

All MICE travellers who visit this community will get to learn how to make natural dyed fabrics taught from scratch by On Tai villagers: cotton picking, weaving, dyeing, and sewing into various products. You will not only have an opportunity to learn just about ceramic crockery covered with matchless patterns but you will also get to have a taste on vegetable and fruit smoothies from organic farms. These activities allow all MICE travellers to get hands-on learning and you can feel free to share your creativity wholeheartedly. After the workshops, there are also homestays that will guarantee you a warm welcome in On Tai community.

Let’s move down a little further south to Noen Maprang district of Phitsanulok, there is a lovely community called 'Ban Mung', located in the midst of nature and mountainous landscape that awaits for all MICE travellers to visit. Moreover, the highlights of the community that cannot be missed are watching the spectacular atmosphere of millions of bats flying out for food from Ban Mung cave in the twilight, and engaging in villagers’ way of life which harmonizes with nature and their friendliness through a tour around the community on E-Tak, a locally adapted vehicle. In On Tai community, you can fully immerse yourself in the beauty of nature, truly enjoy the charm of community’s way of life, and relax in warm-welcomed homestays. 

For the people of the north, the northern community is not only just a house, but also a place that creates unique and distinctive life in each community for them. With abundance natural resources and the beauty of northern community’s way of life, many villages in the north are more than ready to welcome MICE travellers to deeply learn the way of community which is not just their home but a life for them.

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