TCEB Situation Update Travel Advisory: COVID-19 virus on 1 April 2020 Phuket Sealed for One Month to Fight the COVID-19

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TCEB Situation Update Travel Advisory:

COVID-19 virus on 1 April 2020

Phuket Sealed for One Month to Fight the COVID-19

    Thailand’s fortified measures against COVID-19 outbreak has now been effective in MICE cities outside Bangkok, following the Royal Thai Government’s declaration of the state of emergency being in force during 26 March to 30 April 2020. The governor of Phuket has now declared the closure of the island’s entry and exit points, prohibition of provincial-crossing travel, recommendation of social distancing and stay-at-home policy and the temporary closure of premises and venues, effective from 28 March to 30 April 2020.

The Closure of Phuket’s Points of Entry and Exit, Effective 30 March 2020

    1. Closure of Land Transportation Channel

    Phuket's Tha Chatchai checkpoint, which is the only land gateway of the island, is now closed for personal vehicles and persons making entry and/or exit. The exemption is governmental vehicles, emergency or rescue operating vehicles and vehicles transporting such commodities as cooking gas, fuel oil, building materials, medical supplies and equipment, parcels and printed materials. The checkpoint is closed from 00:01 Hrs. of 30 March to 30 April 2020.

    The Land Transport Department has issued an order making temporary suspension from operation any public transport with scheduled services starting from the island or terminating in Phuket. Non-scheduled service operators will not travel in and out of Phuket. Suspension of both types is effective 30 March until further notice.

    2. Closure of Marine Transportation Channel

    The closure, in effect from 00:01 Hrs. 30 March to 30 April 2020, includes both domestic and international routes. The exemption is carriers conveying goods, commodities and other essentials.

    The closure in 1 and 2 will be exempted for the following persons:

    - Persons appointed by the Prime Minister or any leader who is responsible for the Emergency Decree

    - Persons on diplomatic or consular missions or under international organisations, or representatives of the government, or foreign government as approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs approvals.

    All persons with exemptions must obtain health certificate indicating fitness for travelling issued within 72 hours.

See full announcement : (Thai)

Collaboration for Stay Home Policy, Starting 28 March 2020

The Province of Phuket is seeking for the collaboration of local residents and tourists to remain in their residence and refrain from going out during 20:00 - 03:00 Hrs. from 28 March 2020 until further notice.

See full announcement:

Closure of Risky Venues at Risk, Effective 28 March 2020

1. Temporary closure of boxing stadiums, all types of sport stadiums, cockfighting or fish fighting facilities and water parks until further notice

2. Temporary closure from 28 March to 30 April 2020:

    2.1. Traditional Thai massage parlours

    2.2. Entertainment venues, theatres, and playhouses

    2.3. Entertainment venues and other similar venues

    2.4. All types of body massage establishments including spas, health and beauty massage establishments, excluding physiotherapy provided in hospitals 

    2.5.  Sports facilities such as fitness, yoga and aerobics centres or outdoor fitness  classes

    2.6. Boxing and martial arts schools

    2.7. Children’s recreation facilities, including those in any department stores or public parks or other places

    2.8 . Games and internet shops

    2.9. Some areas in department stores, shopping centres, large retail stores, hypermarkets, or stores which are of the same category, with the exception of supermarkets, pharmacies, and stores which sell miscellaneous goods necessary for daily use, banks, financial institutes, money exchange points, service centres for payment and mobile phone repair, and food outlets which are permitted only to provide takeaway services

            2.10. Restaurants, bars and food & beverage shops with the exception of food outlets of restaurants which provide only take home services and restaurants in hotels the service of which is permitted only for hotel clients

    2.11.  Fresh markets, flea markets and walking streets are only permitted to sell fresh, dried or cooked foods for take-away only, or sell animal feed, pharmaceuticals and other consumer goods which are necessary for daily life

    2.12. Seating areas in convenience stores, food shops, supermarkets which provide service to seated or standing clients

    2.13. Tattoo and body piercing services, fortune telling, horoscopes, and worshipping establishments or similar such activities

    2.14. Amulet & small Buddha image centres or similar establishments

    2.15. Snooker or billiard establishments 

    2.16. Golf courses and driving ranges

    2.17. Pet services, such as pet bathing, grooming, pet shelters, spas, or similar services

    2.18. Beauty clinics, beauty institutes or shops or establishments, slimming establishments, barber and hair salons

    2.19. Shrimp fishing and fishing ponds

    2.20. Public and private swimming pools, government-run swimming pools and swimming pools in hotels including swimming pools in private hotel rooms

    2.21. Dental clinics

    2.22. Public spaces accessible to group activities will be closed, including spaces such as playgrounds, public parks, avenues alongside dams or reservoirs, and Saphanhin Sport Center, etc. 

    2.23. Citizen ID service points, provincial registrar, district registrar, local registrar, except the service for the notification of birth, death, and any other crucial cases.

    2.24. The Office of Land Transportation of Phuket and private driving training courses

    2.25. Phuket Provincial Land Office and some of its branch offices

This announcement has become effective since 28 March 2020. 

Closure of Additional Venues following 28 March 2020

    1. All beaches, from 28 March 2020 until further notice

    2. Zoos and all types of animal centres, from 28 March 2020 until further notice

    3. Bang La Walking Street at Patong Beach in Kartoo District, is now closed. No entry, both persons and vehicles, from 28 March until 10 April 2020

See full announcements:

27 March 2020

28 March 2020

Information about COVID-19 outbreak from WHO

Disease Control Department call centre 1422, 24-hour

Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau (TCEB) call +66 (0) 2694 6000 or

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