TCEB strengthens Thailand’s leadership position as the hub of MICE Education in ASEAN

Bangkok, 5 June 2015 -- Thailand Convention & Exhibition Bureau Public Organization (TCEB) has unveiled five key MICE personnel development projects in 2015; saying that it will cooperate with the MICE business operators and educational institutes across the country to prepare about 20,000 new graduates to serve the MICE industry which is growing as a result of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC). Mice Academy & Career Day is being held to provide job opportunities for young people to pursue prospective careers in MICE industry. Highly successful event organisers are also invited to share knowledge and experience to encourage new graduates to enter the MICE job market.

Mr Nopparat Maythaveekulchai, the President of TCEB, says during the opening ceremony of MICE Academy & Career Day that: "In 2015, TCEB has set up the MICE Academy with the aim to build up new generation of MICE personnel who must have knowledge and skills that meet international standards. We have been proactive in developing education with the aim to supply high-quality personnel to serve the burgeoning MICE industry in Thailand and AEC.”

The five key projects include:

(1) The development of MICE curriculum “Introduction to MICE industry” (MICE 101) for educational institutions across the country;

(2) MICE Academic Exchange Program – TCEB has joined with foreign institutions to provide fresh perspectiveson MICE industry to lecturers and students in Thailand. TCEB currently has 22 MICE institutes from 6 countries as the partner agencies.This year, it focuses on working with partners from Japan, Germany and the United States;

(3) Coach the Coaches Program-- aims to strengthen the MICE skills and expertise to the lecturers so that they are well equipped and can transfer knowledge to students effectively and help prepare young generation to become high-quality MICE personnel in the AEC era. Emphasis is placed on working closely with the academic lecturers from the institutes that have cooperation agreement with TCEB.

(4) MICE Academic Cluster-- the online forum for all MICE experts to share knowledge and exchange information on MICE personnel development. There will be activities to strengthen relationships among each other and they can even form the network to do events or activities together. The program is scheduled to open by the end of September, and members can update personal information, researches, or share other knowledge to create sustainable development to Thailand’s MICE industry; and

(5) MICE Academy Day -- the extension program from MICE international curriculum which will provide opportunities for students and interested people to look for job or training opportunities in the MICE businesses. This is genuinely a project for the Next MICE Generation.

Ms Nopparat said the MICE Academy & Career Day is another step of development that will bring in new generation people to work in the MICE sector. The event is being organised in parallel with the 5th Coach the Coaches workshops which will be held during 3-5 June 2015 to enhance the knowledge and skills of lecturers in the MICE curriculum. This year, more than 150 course instructors from 78 institutions countrywide will participate in the workshops.

The event features various interesting activities including the booths of 37 leading companies in the MICE industry which are here to provide job and internship opportunities for interested students.

There are also special seminars featuring high-profile event organisers in Thailand who are invited to share experience in organizing successful MICE event such as Chief Executive Officer of CMO Plc Mr Sermkhun Kunawong, the organiser of the renowned “The Legend of Angkor Wat”; the Chief Executive Officer of Fresh Air Festival Co Ltd Mr Vinit Lertratanachai who created the event of the year -- “Mahajanaka the Phenomenon Live Show"; the Managing Director of Right Man Co Ltd Mr Upathum Nisitsukcharoen, the man behind the greatness of the Thailand Pavilion at the Expo MILANO 2015 in Italy and the organiser of highly-celebrated "S2O" Songkran Dance Party by the famous TV host Woody Milintachinda.

According to Ms Nopparat, TCEB has been committing to the continuous development of Thailand’s MICE industry. So far, it has received strong support and cooperation from both government and private sectors, especially the development of international standard MICE curriculum or MICE 101 which was initiated in 2012 and has become a course of educational institutes all over Thailand. At present, there are more than 80 institutes nationwide with MICE curriculum, each of which can produce 50-60 new graduates annually. Altogether, an approximate of 5,000 students are graduated to serve the MICE market each year. By the end of 2015, TCEB estimated to have about 20,000 new graduates to serve the industry.

"In 2016, TCEB will continue focusing on the development of education. Our aim is to make the MICE curriculum for the undergraduate and graduate levels and make it available at academic institutions nationwide. Meanwhile, we will still work on improving the capacity of MICE course lecturerstogether with networking more with foreign partners in educationalsector. All the steps taken are aimed at making Thailand the hub of MICE Education in ASEAN,” Nopparat concluded.

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