TCEB HOLDS ‘MICE DAY 2024’ MICE is a Platform for National Development

26 April 2024: TCEB holds national MICE Day 2024 to drive MICE industry as a platform for national development and to connect MICE industry with 4 flagship industries in an attempt to enable Thailand to become a high value-added destination for MICE in Asia.

The National MICE Day is organised annually on 26 April to commemorate Thailand’s first national exhibition held on 26 April 1882 with the royal ambition of King Rama VI to promote and market Thai products in the world market. 

Mr. Chiruit Isarangkun Na Ayuthaya, President of Thailand Convention & Exhibition Bureau (Public Organization) or TCEB, disclosed that MICE Day 2024 is a fourth edition after being held for three years in a row. This year’s theme is “Connecting the World, Elevating the Economy” to reflect the role of MICE as a platform of national development.

In this connection, TCEB has prioritised 4 businesses with the potential to become one the flagship industries, which are Food Security, Creative Soft Power, Health-Tech Innovation and Urban QOL & Mobility. The 4 sectors are viewed as business areas possessing economic and social influences in future society. Therefore, MICE can play a vital role in driving these flagship industries towards becoming Thailand’s economic strength that can transform Thailand into a high value-added destination for MICE in Asia.

MICE Day 2024 features activities that benefit MICE industry in different perspectives. Exhibitions of innovation and technology for MICE entrepreneurs are also displayed. In general, MICE Day 2024 comprises the following: 

  • The exhibition to mark the 6th cycle or 72nd birthday of His Majesty King Maha Vajiralongkorn Phra Vajiraklaochaoyuhua on 28 July 2024.  
  • The launch and introduction of various products and services that support MICE market. 1. Zero Carbon Platform – the carbon footprint calculator for events with the objective to achieve complete sustainability; 2. EXPOINFO – the data centre for B2B & B2C exhibitions held domestically and internationally, plus an interactive dashboard for entrepreneurs to browse and summarize data into charts for event strategy design; 3. Biz Connect – a purpose-built application packed with necessary information to serve all lifestyle event businesses, as well as event management and registration systems. The application was truly designed as a comprehensive all-in-one tool for all types of events. 4. Thai MICE Connect – a comprehensive platform that complies data on MICE-related products and services of all sorts, which is developed into E-MICE marketplace for the first time in Thailand.  5. MICE Lane – a special immigration service at major airports to serve MICE travellers, responding to the government’s visa-free scheme. 
  • The major exhibition “MICE is a Platform for Economic Development” is divided into 3 zones, ranging from the past, present to future perspectives : 1. Flashback to the foundation of Thai MICE, which portrays MICE background through the history of Thailand when MICE was used as an element that built, restored and developed the nation; 2. Delivering experience through MICE routes, which features the “Meetings in Thailand” campaign that calls exhibitors and agencies from all sectors to hold events, meetings and incentives nationwide by using 7-themed routes (Soft Power Series) that feature unique identity and distinct value in each region. The highlights of domestic MICE events (flagship event) across 4 regions are presented to encourage the organization of events and participation in events across Thailand throughout the year; 3. Looking at Thai MICE through futuristic vision – show of upcoming key global events in Thailand, which are  attracted and supported by TCEB and partners in order to make Thailand a center of hosting global events. For example, UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy Annual Conference 2024, UDON THANI International Horticultural Expo 2026, the International Horticultural Expo or “Korat Expo 2029”, the 2026 Annual Meetings of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank Group and the ASEAN’s first FIFA Congress 2024.
  • Moreover, there is a keynote address  by Mr. Danny Levy, Senior Vice President of Money 20/20 Asia as well as top executives from 4 flagship industries, which are Dr. Karndee Leopairote, Chief Foresight and Digital Assets Officer, FutureTales LAB by MQDC, Mr. Ratchakrit Sanguancheewin, Business Value Creation Division, Manager, Siam Kubota Corporation Co., Ltd., Mr. Tanat Juwiwat, CEO, Yggdrazil Group, Plc., and Tanupol Virunhagarun, M.D., Chief Executive Officer of BDMS Wellness Clinic and BDMS Wellness Resort. They will be sharing their experiences and knowledge in their industries that can lead to the important roles of MICE in serving as a platform to elevate their businesses and strengthen national economy.

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