26 April 2023: TCEB holds ‘MICE DAY 2023’ to champion sustainability and innovation by supporting the stakeholders to jointly drive such cause with the ultimate aim to achieve the bureau’s 5-year action plan in making Thailand a global MICE leader.

MICE DAY is held every year on 26 April to mark “National MICE Day”. The aim is to enhance the awareness of the importance of Thailand’s MICE industry as a mechanism that is instrumental in boosting the economy, generating income and distributing growth to all regions. 

The third year edition, MICE DAY 2023, is underpinned by the theme “New Dimensions of MICE: Driving Thailand with Sustainable Innovation” which is developed to respond to the “Thailand MICE to Meet You Year 2023campaign.

Dr. Atchaka Sibunruang, Chairman of the Board, Thailand Convention & Exhibition Bureau (Public Organization) or TCEB, stated that this year’s event reflects a strong collaboration between entrepreneurs and MICE strategic partners from all sectors, who prioritise the concept and practice of sustainability and innovation. Sustainability focuses on development that responds to all elements be they economy, society and environment, while the utilisation of innovation is geared towards enhanced operational efficiency and competitiveness. These two are major pillars of the organisation’s 5-year action plan for 2023-2027.

In details, the plan has established five core missions. First is driving Thailand to become a Global MICE Leader through forming strategic partner networks and creating new opportunities by attracting international MICE events into the country. Second is driving Destination Competitiveness through Diverse Local Identities. Third is utilisation of innovation or Innovative MICE Solution to elevate the competitiveness of Thailand in the global arena. Fourth is to develop TCEB into an Agile and High Performance Organisation.  Fifth is develop measures that can be supportive of sustainability of MICE industry and build capacities of MICE personnel in practicing sustainability. In sum, it is Go for MICE Sustainability.

Dr. Atchaka reported on the performance of MICE industry. In the first two quarters of the fiscal year 2023 (October 2022 - March 2023), a total number of MICE travellers is 11,348,371, generating 49,572 million baht in revenue.  Of that figure, 374,021 are foreign MICE travellers, who generated 24,556 million baht in revenue, while 10,974,350 are domestic MICE travellers, whose generated revenue is 25,016 million baht. The economic value created by their spending in holding MICE events is over 108,131 million baht, which generated a total national income of 104,686 million baht, while tax collection amounted to 7,800 million baht with 145,000 job creation across the country.

 “It is a clear evidence that Thailand has been a preferred destination following the country reopening. With that, it is our opportunities to multiply the success by focusing on quality, sustainability and expanded business opportunity. MICE DAY 2023 is a platform to demonstrate our readiness for global competitiveness through the campaign “Thailand MICE to Meet You Year 2023”.  

Highlight activities at the MICE DAY 2023 features such highlight activities as a special talk on “Sustainnovation” delivered by nationally high-profiled speakers who are the experts in the fields, a ceremony to present the trophy to establish Convention Ambassador and THAILAND MICE IT...HAPPEN, an exhibition showcasing products and services in sustainability and innovation and sustainability standards that belong to local communities, TCEB and entrepreneurs. All are a driver of sustainability of MICE industry. 

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