20 October 2022: TCEB joins hands with 11 partners in launching SPIRE Thailand campaign to expedite the organisation of domestic exhibition in the end-of-year period, the bureau is confident that the campaign will help activate Thai economy by generating more than 7,800 million baht of income across all regions in Thailand. 

Mr. Chiruit Isarangkun Na Ayuthaya, President, Thailand Convention & Exhibition Bureau (Public Organization) or TCEB, disclosed that after TCEB has unveiled the domestic MICE marketing plan to public and private sectors and encouraged them to hold events in the last quarter of government financial year 2022, TCEB has moved fast to expand its expedition and growth development plan for domestic exhibition market. This is because the end-of-year period is generally the most bustling time for trade fairs compared to other periods.  

TCEB has unveiled the growth development implementation plan for domestic exhibitions in 2023, highlighting the collaboration of 11 partners representing public and private sectors, who will be joining forces to expedite domestic exhibitions under the major project “EMTEX: Empower Thailand Exhibition”. Set to run in the fiscal year 2023, the joint exhibition marketing campaign will be launched through the “SPIRE Thailand: Strengthen Power In Regional Exhibitions”, which is expected to generate 7,802 million baht of economic impacts.    

“Our 11 partners collaborating under the EMTEX project include the Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation, Community Development Department, Department of International Trade Promotion, Cooperative Promotion Department, Department of Industrial Promotion, Digital Economy Promotion Agency, The Board of Investment of Thailand, The Office of Small and Medium Enterprise Promotion, The Federation of Thai Industries, The Thai Chamber of Commerce and Thai Exhibition Association (TEA). All of them are prompted to hasten economic recovery for Thailand by having MICE as the exhibition development tool to serve Thailand’s targeted industries, which comprise 5 segments as follows: 1. Food, agriculture and biotechnology; 2. Public health, health and medical technology; 3. Intelligence equipment, robot and electronic control mechanical system, as well as digital Internet technology connecting the operations of devices, artificial intelligence and embedded system; 4. Renewable energy, automobile, logistics and inventory; 5. Creative, cultural, tourism segments and high-value services. In fact, exhibition could generate income into business chain and serve as an economic stimulus platform that particularly supports SMEs, who rely more on using exhibition as their marketing tool. TCEB and partners are confident that the endeavour will help to revive Thai economy, generate business transactions fast and ensure sustainability in the long run.” 

Mr. Chiruit said that in collaboration with our 11 partners, the campaign aims to provide support packages as follows: 

1. “Clustering Show”, package for general exhibitions with a maximum limit of 700,000 baht per event, which is designed to bolster any of 5 targeted industries, whereby the event is required to feature a registration system and systematic data collection. 

2. “Regional Best Show”, a maximum of 1,000,000 baht is allocated for a regional or crossed regional highlight shows that aim to bolster any of the 5 targeted industries, with a total space of over 3,000 square metres. The Regional Best Show requires collaboration of more than 3 partners under the EMTEX network and features business negotiation or B2B session for entrepreneurs and buyers.

For non-financial support, TCEB will serve as the host who liaises between 11 partners to integrate rapport of exhibitors in 7 aspects, including 1. Exhibitor database; 2. On-site buyer database; 3. Local network; 4. Knowledge, training and seminar; 5. In-depth information of industries, targeted markets and market insight; 6. Sourcing of funding/subsidies or sponsorship, and 7. Public relations.  

In launching the SPIRE Thailand campaign, TCEB and 11 partners also arrange business negotiation platform to offer opportunities for the exhibitors and EMTEX partners to exchange viewpoints on exhibitions that can promote networking and expand event opportunity to different regions across Thailand.  

In the fiscal year 2022, TCEB has provided support to a total of 52 exhibitions, comprising 19 domestic shows and 33 international shows, generating approximately 14,789 million baht of economic impacts across all regions in Thailand. 

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