Thai MICE Connect: Organize all MICE events on one platform

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In the digital society, several things have been transferred into an online world and many organizers and businesses respond to the trend by creating more online platforms in the digital world. Even the shopping centers transform themselves into an E-Market Place that gathers products and services from the department stores to sell on the website in order to be well-responsive to the change of customers’ consumption about shopping online more than before.

To respond to the current digital trend, TCEB develops an online platform to meet the needs of MICE travellers and entrepreneurs in the MICE industry with “Thai MICE Connect.” It is an online platform that provides all databases about MICE industry divided into 12 categories: venues, organizers, travel & tour, accommodations, food & beverage, services for organizers, other service businesses, speakers, show/performance, shopping centers, logistics, and related departments (government/association). We can say that Thai MICE Connect can comprehensively provide all MICE services.

Thai MICE Connect is the first complete E-MICE Marketplace in Thailand established to connect MICE entrepreneurs and MICE travellers in the country to meet each other easier in the online world. It helps generate economic value distributing income to communities and create more employments in the MICE industry. Guaranteed by TCEB, the users can rest assured that the products and services on this platform will certainly meet the standards of the MICE industry. 

Moreover, Thai MICE Connect educates entrepreneurs and local people to know more about the MICE industry while enhancing the development of local communities to meet TCEB’s standards and to be able to hold a wide variety of MICE events. It is also a platform promoting the images of local communities and provinces in Thailand through MICE events held in the areas.

The Thai MICE Connect platform offers a business matching system, helping the users find their most wanted organizations and MICE services. On the platform, you can directly talk to the organizations via chat and video call. Also, there are not only several promotions being offered which help saving your expenses, but also the online quotation which you can easily fill the information in it. It is so easy that you will not waste your time waiting for so long on this system.

In addition to the business matching system which knows you so well that makes you feel like having your own MICE consultant nearby, the Thai MICE Connect also provides the information of entrepreneurs, including locations of the venues, services for planning meetings, seminars, trade shows, facilities with their illustrations, the capacity that can be provided, a variety of activities which can be held, and the given standards or awards. There is also a review for each product and service for all MICE travellers or organizations so the decisions can be made easier with the information from the website.

After the Thai MICE Connect has been established since 2019, there are 12,200 entrepreneurs in the MICE industry joining the platform in the present. TCEB continuously develops Thai MICE Connect so this E-MICE Marketplace can increase more business opportunities for Thai MICE entrepreneurs. If any organizations would like to know more information and support MICE entrepreneurs in Thailand, please visit without any cost.


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