Let’s Travel the World! Update on MICE Trend After the COVID-19 Crisis

Last year, the COVID-19 pandemic has caused the global industry to face disrupted and slump but we all know that every cloud has a silver lining. Now, many countries have begun to revitalize their domestic economies and MICE industry in the same time as MICE entrepreneurs begin to organize many events also. However, after the pandemic, MICE trend has changed and new types of events highlight the importance of technologies and health measures. So, we would like to take you to travel around the world while updating MICE trend from the leading countries in the MICE industry. Let’s check it out.


Let’s start with the country from Asia, Japan. At the end of 2020, Japan allowed organizers to host events with a maximum of 5,000 participants and this proves that Japan gives priority to social distancing and limited attendees. Moreover, The Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) with many other businesses: venues, accommodations, and transportations also created a guideline for organizing MICE events in this new normal era.

Later, Japan has built up confidence in many countries by being the host organizing the World-Class Sporting event, “Tokyo 2020 Olympics Games”. Under the Bubble protocol, athletes and those who are involved with the event can travel only in the Athlete Village and the stadium. They are not allowed to go outside while the outsiders are not allowed to go in the Bubble system.

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Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia takes a great opportunity out of the disruption of COVID-19 by promptly implement their policies on developing the country to be able to warmly welcome MICE travelers. They provide more MICE venues, friendly environment for investors and organizers, and more relaxation on strict rules. Also, the success of hosting the online G20 summit causes the world to look forward to seeing how MICE industry in Saudi Arabia will grow in the future.

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Let’s fly to Germany to explore MICE trend in Europe. Recently, online and hybrid events are modern technology trends that people are very interested in. However, only advanced technology is not enough, experiences for online attendees must be as unique and exciting as attending on-site events. That is why creating appropriate and relevant contents for online attendees are what organizers in Germany are interested in.

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United States of America
Let’s fly across the continent to explore MICE trend in America. Personalization, the event focusing on personal experience, is a current trend utilizing Big Data and AI, the technologies which analyze the specific needs and collect massive data on participants. Organizers can use the collected data as a guideline for modifying the online events and giving an exciting experience for attendees in the future.

Moreover, the old venues, such as auditoriums and hotels may not meet the needs of most organizers who now want to hold the events at the exotic venues such as warehouses, parks, museums, etc. So, auditoriums and hotels must create their new and unique identities to attract more MICE organizers from now on.

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A group of countries in South America

The final destination is South America which is a group of countries that have a strong relationship in MICE industry. Last year, Colombia, Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, and Argentina established South American MICE Alliance with the aim of driving Bogota, Buenos Aires, Lima, Sao Paulo, and Quito to be leading cities in MICE. They also exchange information on MICE business, hygiene measures, and other campaigns among them and their close relationship will lead MICE industry in South America to be lively and bustling with MICE travellers.

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You can see that all organizers always need to keep up with the recent MICE trends and adapt their events to meet the needs of attendees. Also, both interesting strategies and new trends of these 5 global MICE leaders will undoubtedly be useful to organizers who want to create the great MICE events and give an extraordinary experience to all participants.

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