TCEB Situation Update COVID-19 Virus on 2 August 2021

TCEB Situation Update

COVID-19 Virus on 2 August 2021

Enforcement of Stringent Screening of Entry into Phuket

The Phuket Governor announced on July 29, 2021 the enforcement of stringent screening of domestic entry into the island in order to contain COVID-19 infection. The announcement, effective between August 3 and 16, includes;   

1. Persons and drivers of all modes of transport, land-sea-air, are prohibited from entering Phuket. However, international arrival remains open.

The following purposes of entry are exempted from the regulations;

1.1   Medical emergency and rescue operation

1.2  Transport of drugs, medical equipment, medical supplies, and medical chemicals 

1.3  Transport of consumer goods, agricultural products, livestock, animal feed

1.4  Transport of cooking gas, fuel

1.5  Transport of banks or financial institutions

1.6  Transport of parcels and publications

1.7  Those who need international departure from Phuket International Airport are required to present air ticket of the particular date of travel.

1.8  Persons having been ordered or having a written assignment from their agencies to  perform duties in disease prevention and control in Phuket

1.9  Persons ordered by government agencies to execute urgent missions in Phuket

1.10  Those with an appointment of the court proceedings, prosecutors or the investigating officers. They must have official documents stating that postponement of the said  appointment will seriously affect the consideration process or those with an appointment to register for rights and juristic acts which is an urgent case that can cause damage to the concerned parties or affect the economy.

1.11  Transport of construction materials, machinery and spare parts for maintenance purposes or those used in flood management projects or projects of state agencies that address the public needs or use in urgent cases

1.12  Any other cases that need an official order or authorisation to act upon, the chief of Phuket checkpoint will have the authority to make consideration on a case by case basis. 

The persons allowed to enter Phuket under this protocol must have received vaccination, 2 doses of Sinovac

or Sinopharm, first dose of Sinovac and second dose of AstraZeneca or 1 dose of AstraZeneca, Pfizer,

Moderna, or Johnson & Johnson for at least 14 days. Persons who have recovered from COVID-19

within 90 days must have proven negative COVID-19 test with RT-PCR or Antigen test within 72 hours

before arrival in Phuket.

2. Students under 18-year old must display identification card from their respective educational institutions or provincial educational institution to the officials when entering or exiting Phuket. They must undergo an RT-PCR test at the Phuket Provincial Public Health Office, and obtain a certificate of testing that is valid for no more than 1 month.

3. Persons having appointment for the second dose of vaccination (vaccination appointments in Phuket are required) must show proven negative COVID-19 test with RT-PCR or Antigen test within 72 hours before arrival.

4. All travelers must download and install the ‘Mor Chana’ application and turn on the shared location function at all times.

5. All travelers must be able to provide proof for the above-mentioned requirements to officials at the point of entry to Phuket.

6. Any persons and vehicles cannot enter Phuket between 23.00 and 04.00 hrs. of the next day through Tha Chatchai checkpoint unless there are urgent cases that have huge effects or negatively impact public interest.

7. Travelers in Phuket must practice D-M-H-T-T-A to prevent COVID-19

          D – Distancing    

          M – Mask Wearing

          H – Hand Washing       

          T – Temperature 

          T – Testing           

          A – Application (Thai Chana and Mor Chana)

Infected persons, who intentionally conceal their travel timeline or provide false information to communicable disease control officers, causing the transmission, can be deemed a violator. He/she can be subject to a maximum fine of 20,000 baht, according to Article 51 of Communicable Disease Act B.E. 2558, or a maximum one-year imprisonment or a maximum fine of 100,000 baht, or both, according to Article 52 of Communicable Disease Act B.E. 2558. He/she can also be subject to a maximum two-year imprisonment or a maximum fine of 40,000 baht, or both, according to Article 18 of Emergency Decree on Public Administration in Emergency Situation B.E. 2548.  

Due to an emergency affair, any rights to dispute this announcement is not permitted, according to article 30, paragraph 2 (1) of the Administrative Procedure Act, B.E. 2539.

This is effective from 3 August 2021 to 16 August 2021

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Further information about COVID-19 outbreak from WHO

Department of Disease Control Contact Centre (Call 1422 24/7)

Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau (TCEB) (Call +66 (0) 2694 6000) or

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