Ko Koet Homestay

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This agricultural community in Bang Pa-in District still adheres to Sufficiency Economy philosophy, retaining a unique simplicity in the eyes of outsiders. Thus, villagers here have gathered to establish Ko Koet Community Homestay where visitors can enjoy learning new skills through agricultural activities and local wisdom, from making old-fashioned crispy noodles, making boiled rice dessert, and getting to know herbs. The highlight of the community is the riverside homestay that offers a glimpse into the way of life on the Chao Phraya River.

MICE Activities

  • Learn about mixed farming in line with Sufficiency Economy philosophy
  • Learn how to make boiled rice dessert
  • Learn about using herbs to repel bugs
  • Learn about using herbs as the elixir of life
  • Ride a tram to join activities in the community

MICE Checklists

  • Fits 100 pax
  • Suitable for M and I
  • Meetings can be held at the meeting room

Nearby Attractions

  • Wat Choeng Tha
  • Wat Payayat
  • Bang Pa-In Palace
  • Wat Niwet Thammaprawat Ratchaworawihan

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