Chanthaboon Mats Craft Center, Samed-Ngam

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Learn about the process to a well-known craft that originated in Chanthaburi such as the Chanthaboon mat which is made from sedge grown in the province-an especially durable type of the plant-that is dyed and woven into mats with beautiful patterns. Visitors can also enjoy shopping for products from handbags, shoes, to home décor which are creatively designed and also helps save the earth.

MICE Activities

  • Learn about the culture in the community that focuses on weaving Chanthaboon mats
  • Weave traditional Chanthaboon mats
  • Learn how to dye sedge

MICE Checklists

  • Fits 20 pax
  • Suitable for M
  • Meetings can be held at the multipurpose pavilion

Nearby Attractions

  • Shipyard of King Taksin the Great
  • Grand Canyon Chanthaburi

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