Khlong Noi Community Enterprise

Experience the various activities of locals at Khlong Noi community which is closely tied to nature, from taking a boat tour along the canal to visit fruit orchards, witnessing how locals train monkeys according to traditional wisdom, learning how to fish like locals, using a fishhook to catch shrimp, conserving archer fish, and cooking Thai dishes from ingredients found in the community with local chefs.

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MICE Activities

  • Take a boat tour along the canal to visit fruit orchards
  • Learn how santol is processed and taste different types of santol
  • Visit the Monkey Training Demonstration Center for Agriculture
  • Join workshops to cook local food and Thai desserts
  • Make products from coconut shells and young nipa leaves

MICE Checklists

  • Fits 50 pax
  • Suitable for M
  • Meetings can be held at the multipurpose pavilion 

Nearby Attractions

  • Bang Bai Mai Floating Market
  • Phra That Sri Surat
  • Viewpoint at Sri Surat Bridge

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