Udon Thani





  • 08:00 MUST SEE & MUST JOIN : Ban Chiang National Museum   MUST SEE & MUST JOIN : Ban Chiang National Museum   MUST SEE & MUST JOIN : Ban Chiang National Museum

    Visit Ban Chiang National Museum at Ban Chiang Archaeological Site where ancient evidences were discovered and exhibited such as humans and animals’ bones, the earthenware as well as ancient tools and equipment. Ban Chiang Community is the cultural and local wisdom heritage source accepted by UNESCO to be registered as the world heritage as “Ban Chiang Cultural site”. MICE travellers can participate in the MICE event promoting Ban Chiang as the World’s Heritage Site from 9 – 11 February with many interesting activities such as conference forums, exhibitions, pottery workshops, as well as parades and lights and sounds performances at night.

  • 12:00 MUST EAT   MUST EAT

    Enjoy the popular Udon Thani delicacies such as Nam Nueang or the Vietnamese meatballs and vegetables wraps, Vietnamese pork sausages and Pho.

  • 15:00 MUST SEE : Kham Chanot Wang Nakhin   MUST SEE : Kham Chanot Wang Nakhin

    “Kham Chanot Wang Nakhin” also known as “Kham Chanot” locates in Bang Dung District in Udon Thani Province. The place is filled with mystery and legend of the Naga, the mythical creature much respected and worshipped by the people in the Northeast of Thailand. The place attracts many people to the site everyday as the worshipped site. There are 3 highlight spots in Kham Chanot which are 1. the grandfather and grandmother shrine who locals believe are the owners of this area 2. The ancient giant fig tree that is considered over 100 years of age and believed that there are spirits living in the tree 3. The sacred well where locals believe that it is the gateway to the world of Naga and the water is blessed for good luck.