(APR22) Songkhla





  • 7:00 MUST Eat   MUST Eat

    Fill the stomach at Songkhla Old Town region with a variety of breakfast menus in the multicultural style, such as rice and stew, steamed stuff bun, dim sum, boiled rice with fish, bak kut the or “nasi dagang” which is the highlight dish of Songkhla.

  • 8:30 MUST Join   MUST Join

    participate in the seminar at The 60th Anniversary of His Majesty the King's Accession to the Throne International Convention Center (ICC Hat Yai) where the total convention and events area is 9,000 m². and certified TMVS.

  • 11:00 MUST See   MUST See

    Visit the National Museum, the 100-year Chinese architectural style building that is located on Wichian Chom Road. This place was registered as the ancient remains by the Fine Arts Department. Inside of the building is the exhibition space displaying the information of archaeology, local arts, and antiques that narrate the way of life of Songkhla people in the old days.

  • 12:30 MUST Eat   MUST Eat

    Heading to Koh Yor to have fresh seafood and fresh fish from the floating basket that are cooked in the traditional and spicy menus. Have a special lunch on the beach with the nice breeze at Songkhla Lake.

  • 14:00 MUST See   MUST See

    Visit the tourist sites on Koh Yor, such as Wat Tai Yor, the old temple which is assumed that it was constructed 200 years ago. The temple is in Thai housing style using the Koh Yor clay tiles and old-styled carved tile. Taste the fresh seasonal fruits at the orchard and enjoy the beautiful view of Koh Yor from the Koh Yor viewpoint.

  • 19:00 MUST Eat   MUST Eat

    Thai or Islam food are available at several restaurants on Nang Ngam Road. The must-try desserts are green bean ice cream and ong ice cream or Jewish ice cream. Wander around to enjoy the atmosphere of the Songkhla old town.