Phuket (August)





  • 9:00 Must JOIN & EAT: Blue Elephant Phuket   Must JOIN & EAT: Blue Elephant Phuket

    MICE travellers participate in a special event in a very special atmosphere of a gorgeous 100-year-old Sino-Portuguese house (Ban Phra Phitak Chinpracha) and enjoy a premium lunch prepared by the renowned chefs at Blue Elephant Phuket in an unforgettable vintage atmosphere.

  • 13:00 Must JOIN & EAT: Ban Bang Rong Community-Based Tourism   Must JOIN & EAT: Ban Bang Rong Community-Based Tourism

    Experience the way of life of a long-established community of 200 years ago, “Muang Thalang Bang Rong”. The community has now been transformed into Ban Bang Rong Community-Based Tourism, an agricultural community where MICE travellers can participate in a wide range of MICE activities such as team-building activities, learning to harvest coconuts to make fresh Bua Loi from coconut milk or participate in CSR activities planting mangrove trees and studying the mangrove forest ecosystem.

  • 16:00 Must JOIN: Elephant Jungle Sanctuary, Phuket   Must JOIN: Elephant Jungle Sanctuary, Phuket

    Get up close to the majestic beasts and learn about their natural behaviour at the Elephant Jungle Sanctuary. This sustainable eco-tourism sanctuary is internationally recognised in promoting the ethical connection between people and elephants. MICE travellers can learn elephant checkup, how to maintain its health, how to cook for an elephant, how to make paper from elephant dung and enjoy the elephant mud spa where these wonderful creatures get to cool off in the hot weather.

  • 19:00 MUST Eat & MUST Buy   MUST Eat & MUST Buy

    End the day with delicious and fresh seafood, including the wing shell, the famous menu of Phuket. Do not miss Phuket Walking Street (Sunday only) where Peranakan culture is presented via the buildings, food and desserts, such as tao sor sweet (filling with salted egg), and the hand-woven products, such as colorful batik in various patterns.