(JUN22) Phuket





  • 8:00 MUST Eat   MUST Eat

    Energize the day with the traditional Phuket breakfast that is influenced by Thai-Chinese and Thai-Muslim, such as dim sum, rice vermicelli, roti or Hainanese chicken rice. Top up the meal with the traditional coffee in the old town region.

  • 10:00 MUST See   MUST See

    Make your way to Laem Tuk Kae and learn about the Urak Lawoi people's way of life. Watch the Rong Neng show – a remarkable local performance – and learn why it’s important to preserve this heritage and pass it on to newer generations.

  • 10:00 MUST Eat & MUST Buy   MUST Eat & MUST Buy

    Make like a true-blue Southerner and enjoy local seafood cooked with fresh, flavourful ingredients. Stop by the Laem Tuk Kae shore to buy famous products such as processed seafood, shrimp chilli paste and local desserts.

  • 15:00 MUST Join   MUST Join

    Visit Chalong Bay Rum, a world-class rum factory, and learn how the famous spirits are made. Participate in a cocktail workshop, as well as sample some exclusive drinks prepared by professional mixologists.

  • 18:00 MUST Join & MUST Eat   MUST Join & MUST Eat

    MICE travellers can experience a very “special event” and partake in a sumptuous dinner, prepared by famous chefs at ‘Blue Elephant Phuket’ - the Michelin Plate award-winning restaurant based in a 100-year-old Sino-Portuguese style house (Ban Phra Phithakchinpracha).