(JUN22) Phitsanulok





  • 8:00 MUST Join   MUST Join

    Enjoy the delectable local breakfast at Klong Sub Rung Community-Based Tourism Centre. The community spans an area of 4.8 million sq m, cultivating the prized mangoes that are sold around the country. MICE travellers will then help transform the delicious Thai mangoes into a variety of forms, including mango jams, ready-to-drink juices and one of Thailand's most popular baked goods - the classic mango bun.

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    Visit the OTOP Nawatwithi Community-Based Tourism in Ban Mung, a small village located in Noen Maprang District. The highlight MICE activities here include taking an unforgettable E-taen Thai tractor or bike ride while admiring the raw beauty of nature. Learn about the unique geology of the local area and encounter 360-million-year-old sea fossils that were discovered in a cave.

  • 13:00 MUST Eat & MUST Buy   MUST Eat & MUST Buy

    Hoi Kha Noodles (hanging legs noodles) are more appetising than it sounds. Eating this traditional Thai noodle requires the customer to dangle their legs leisurely while eating, similar to how it was done by people in the past. Do not miss picking up some famous banana products, such as dried banana, baked banana with honey, or sticky banana back home as tasty souvenir treats.

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    In the morning, pay homage to the Chinnarat Buddha Image - a provincial sacred Buddha image that showcases the beauty of Sukhothai arts at Wat Phra Si Rattana Mahathat. Within the temple, there are other items of interest, such as the stupa built in the reign of Maha Thammaracha I (Li Thai), and Phra Attharot Chapel or the Nine-Room Chapel, where Phra Attharot, the 18-meter standing Buddha image, is shown in a magnificent posture of dispelling fear.

  • 17:00 MUST Buy   MUST Buy

    Enjoy a diverse menu for dinner at Phitsanulok Walking Street, which is open only on Saturdays. Explore the stalls selling iconic dishes, along with local treats such as processed agricultural products, fresh seasonal fruits, and OTOP products.