(JUN22) Pattaya





  • 8:30 MUST Join & MUST Eat   MUST Join & MUST Eat

    Begin the day with MICE activity at Takhian Tia Community, Chonburi among the warm atmosphere. It is the last community growing coconuts in eastern Thailand. Try a cup of coffee with ordered coconut milk and Thai desserts made from local ingredients while relaxing in the coconut garden. Many activities are also provided in the community, such as Thai dessert classes or cycling around the coconut garden.

  • 11:00 MUST Join   MUST Join

    Visit Nong Nooch Tropical Garden, which is the location where the NICE, which its utility space is 15,000 m² is located, for relaxing and to learn about a variety of plant species, such as orchid, cactus, zoo and insects, stones, etc.

  • 15:00 MUST See & MUST Buy   MUST See & MUST Buy

    The Pattaya floating market is an iconic destination that brings together the unique features of several regions into one area. This makes it a great destination to visit and perfect place to start for anyone interested in exploring the many facets of Thai culture. Take a traditional Thai boat to experience the floating market atmosphere, while sampling local snacks and shopping for local products – and even try on traditional dresses.

  • 18:00 MUST Join   MUST Join

    Cruise around Pattaya Bay and have a luxurious dinner on board. Enjoy a wide range of cuisines from Thai to international - even an imaginative fusion menu - while immersing yourself in a 360-panoramic sunset view.