Nakhon Ratchasima





  • 09:00 Wang Nam Khiao Coffee Factory   Wang Nam Khiao Coffee Factory   Wang Nam Khiao Coffee Factory

    Start the day at Wang Nam Khiao Coffee Factory with a revitalizing cup of fresh aromatic Arabica coffee which are aromatic and low in caffeine. MICE travellers can also take the opportunity to learn how the coffee is made, including how to choose the beans, the roasting process, and attending a Korat-style Isaan cooking workshop, using the local organic produces into pad mee Korat or Korat style noodles, rice noodles with green chicken curry and desserts: santols in syrup and enjoy your very own cooking in the countryside atmosphere.

  • 14:00 Thung Hed Sanuk   Thung Hed Sanuk

    Visit Thung Hed Sanuk, or “Field Mush Fun” in Khon Kaen and join an organic-vegetable-growing workshop, learn how to make natural insect repellent, and collect fresh vegetables to make healthy salad rolls and vegetable smoothies.

  • 16:00 Thap Lan National Park   Thap Lan National Park   Thap Lan National Park

    Arrive at Thap Lan National Park to enjoy the magnificent views of the forest from Pha Kep Ta Wan viewpoints. MICE travellers then participate in CSR activity by shooting seeds via slingshots down to the forest below and enjoy the glorious sunset view before returning to the accommodation.