(APR22) Khon Kaen





  • 8:00 MUST See   MUST See

    Worship Pra Mahathat Kaen Nakhon for good fate and be enchanted by the panoramic view of Khon Kaen province from the top of Wat Nong Wang.

  • 10:00 MUST Join & MUST Buy   MUST Join & MUST Buy

    Enjoy making ceramic products from Khon Kaen soil and learn how to make pottery and create beautiful patterns from the local artists and instructors. The activity not only helps with creativity but also concentration. Get some cute ceramic products as a souvenir.

  • 12:00 MUST Eat   MUST Eat

    Try local and spicy Isan dishes for lunch, such as steamed clown knifefish or the popular ant eggs menus.

  • 13:30 MUST Join   MUST Join

    Attend the expo or seminar at Khonkaen International Convention & Exhibition Center (KICE), the TMVS that occupies 10,000 m² of the internal and external area of the building and supports up to 10,000 participants.

  • 15:30 MUST Join   MUST Join

    MICE activity - Visit the new theory agricultural garden which bases on the sufficiency economy philosophy, such as the organic vegetable plots, and learn how to make the herbal products at Wanaphan Organic Garden

  • 17:00 MUST Buy   MUST Buy

    Buy famous local products, such as Mudmee silk and cotton fabric. Tie and dye fabric are shown and available at the well-known walking street, which is known as the silk road. Have dinner and return to the residence.