(JUN22) Khon Kaen





  • 8:00 MUST Eat   MUST Eat

    Wake up to a distinctive Isan-style breakfast featuring comforting congee and pan-fried eggs with assorted toppings, served with tea or traditional Thai coffee. Everything tastes better when it’s accompanied by the cool breeze coming in from Kaen Nakhon Lake.

  • 10:00 MUST See   MUST See

    Turn to the Pra Mahathat Kaen Nakhon for blessings of good fortune, and be enchanted by the panoramic vistas of the Khon Kaen province from the summit of Wat Nong Wang.

  • 12:00 MUST Eat   MUST Eat

    Kick your day off with a lively and spicy local breakfast featuring items such as the Thai Steamed Clown Knife Fish and the famous Red Ant Egg, all the while enjoying the view over Kaen Nakhon Lake.

  • 14:30 MUST Join   MUST Join

    Attend an expo or seminar at Khonkaen International Convention & Exhibition Center (KICE), a TMVS destination that totals 10,000 sq m. The internal and external areas of the massive site easily supports up to 10,000 participants.

  • 16:00 MUST Join & MUST Buy   MUST Join & MUST Buy

    Visit Jutatip to discover the handicraft of North-Eastern hand-woven cotton fabric, which achieves its delicate intricacy through an exquisite pattern-making method by arranging individual strands of fibre. Also particularly stunning is the indigo dye style technique. Consider picking up a few pieces of this traditional craft as memorable souvenirs and home decor.

  • 18:00 MUST Eat   MUST Eat

    It’s easy to opt for a local Isan dinner here – just visit any of the many restaurants. You’ll always find something to match your craving, whether from a popular, traditional, or modern eatery just around the corner.