(APR22) Bangkok





  • 7:30 MUST Eat   MUST Eat

    MICE travellers begin the day with a selection of Thai-Chinese and fusion breakfast, including the main course, desserts, and drinks at The Giant Swing (Sao Ching Cha) area. There are many old, modern, and the retro-decorated restaurants like the coffee club in the old days available upon your choice.

  • 9:00 MUST See   MUST See

    Visit the exquisite Wat Phra Kaeo to worship the Emerald Buddha for blessing, and the Grand Palace, the spiritual anchor of Thai people. It is one of the places the visitors must visit when coming to Thailand.

  • 11:00 MUST See   MUST See

    Experience the elegance of Wat Phra Chetuphon Wimonmungklaram or Wat Pho, the temple that has 99 pagodas which is the highest number in Thailand. Pay respect to the beautiful reclining Buddha which is the 3rd largest reclining Buddha in Thailand.

  • 12:30 MUST Buy   MUST Buy

    Travel on the express boat from Tha Tien Pier to participate in the MICE event at True Icon Hall, ICONSIAM, one of the landmarks on the bank of the Chao Phraya River. Many restaurants and modern shops are available, including the souvenir shops selling the products representing Thai identity, handmade products or the famous brand name such as Jim Thompson.

  • 15:30 MUST Join   MUST Join

    After the event, cruise the Chao Phraya River to enjoy the nice and impressive scenery along the riverside or take a private long-tailed boat along the canal in Thon Buri District to see the lifestyle of people who are living on the bank and whose lives have connected with the water since the old days. Stop to taste the herbal drinks at Poom Jai Garden, the restaurant and garden which is the pride of Bang Khun Thian people. The Thai cooking from the local raw material workshop is also available here.

  • 18:00 MUST Eat   MUST Eat

    Get a new experience in street food, which is awarded and guaranteed by Michelin and Bib Gourmand, on the deluxe bus (Thai Food Bus Tour). A variety of delicious menus from famous restaurants such as Jay Fai Pratu Phee and Nai Ek Roll Noodles or a dessert from Cheng Sim Ei, the well-known dessert shop are served while enjoying the beautiful scenery of Bangkok at night time.