TCEB Launches Subsidy Support Project to Boost Up Domestic MICE Market

27 February 2023: TCEB launches a project to stimulate domestic market with subsidy given to organisations holding meetings and incentive travel. The target is 1,000 domestic MICE groups, generating around 100 million baht in revenue to help boost the economy.

Mr. Chiruit Isarangkun Na Ayuthaya, President, Thailand Convention & Exhibition Bureau (Public Organization) or TCEB, stated that TCEB has supported organisations holding meetings and incentive travel since 2020 and will continue the support in 2023 under the project “Meetings in Thailand, Boosting up the Thai Economy”. The aim is to stimulate the organisation of MICE events across the country, encourage MICE travel, distribute income to every region and generate jobs and revenue for MICE entrepreneurs, local communities and relate businesses, creating circulation of revenue in Thai economy.

Under the project “Meetings in Thailand, Boosting up the Thai Economy”, subsidy support for MICE events will be provided for entrepreneurs and juristic persons planning to hold domestic corporate meetings and incentive. They must hold one of the following 7 MICE activities - meetings, incentive travel, seminars, trainings, corporate social responsibility (CSR), corporate outings and field trips. The project’s targets are 1,000 groups requesting subsidy support with around 30,000 MICE travellers, 100 million baht circulating the economy, 180 million baht in economic impacts, 101 million baht in GDP contribution, 6 million baht in tax revenue and creation of 120 jobs.

Subsidy support is subject to two terms and conditions. 1) budget support below 15,000 baht allocated for 650 MICE groups holding one-day event, and 2) budget support below 30,000 baht allocated for 350 MICE groups holding at least two-day and one-night event. The application is open from 1 April until 22 August 2023.

The applicants are required to organise activities outside the location of their organisations whether they are in hotels, special venues and local communities in every region of the country. At least one venue must be selected from the database on The event held must attract at least 30 attendants.

The qualified applicants must be a juristic person, including a company, a limited partnership, registered ordinary partnership, association, foundation or MICE entrepreneurs, including Destination Management Company (DMC), meeting organiser, travel agency, hotel or venue. They must be a member of Thai Hotels Association, regional or provincial hotel association, as well as any associations under the umbrella of Tourism Council of Thailand (TCT) and hotels or event venues certified with Thailand MICE Venue Standards (TMVS) or ASEAN MICE Venue Standards (AMVS).

“Driving domestic MICE industry with the ‘Meetings in Thailand, Boosting up the Thai Economy’ will be another key project that helps stimulate MICE travel and holding of MICE activities in all regions. Definitely, the project will help the domestic MICE industry achieve the fiscal year 2023 financial performance target of 17,790,000 domestic MICE travellers and 59,000 million baht in revenue”, concluded Mr. Chiruit.

Any organisations or those interested in applying for subsidy support under “Meetings in Thailand, Boosting up the Thai Economy” project can file the application on website from 1 April until 22 August 2023.

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