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    Thailand is well-known for the “Uniquely Thai” which impresses the international MICE travellers whether it is the unique service and hospitality of people and Thai food. Discover new experiences in the unique way of life in terms of valuable traditions and local culture and plentiful nature. Besides, assorted MICE activities and events are available to fulfill all kinds of demand. It is a rare experience that can be discovered in Thailand only. Moreover, with the efficient provision of the world-class facility to organise MICE events and the diverse concept of the creative organisation under the uniqueness, Thailand is the destination that fulfills all demands for MICE.  

1.  Thainess

  •   Gratitude 

One of the most important virtues for Thai people is a sense of gratitude. It is considered a very basic principle, key to the stability of family and society, and crucial to building strong family relationships, cultivating a sense of personal responsibility and duty within the family. Additionally, gratitude is expressed towards teachers and our seniors.    

  •   Friendliness  

In 2023, the Canadian travel website “The Travel” ranked Thailand #10 in its list of “The Most Tourist-Friendly Places Around the World”. As mentioned in the article, Thailand’s global identity as the “Land of Smiles” is well justified, and this friendliness and welcome to visitors is apparent to the many MICE travellers that come to Thailand from around the world.

  •   Political Awareness 

In Thailand’s most recent election on 14 May 2023, 75.22% of eligible voters turned out to cast their ballot. This was the highest-ever turnout in a Thai election and reflects the population’s awareness of, and willingness to participate in, the political process.

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2.  Thailand Only

  •   Thai Khon 

This key aspect of Thailand’s cultural heritage is another string in the country’s “soft power” bow. Khon is an advanced performing art that combines elements of science and various performing arts. Khon employs acting, music, dance, and a range of specific gestures and movements to convey feelings and emotions in a truly elegant, unique art form. It employs a vocabulary of dance moves utilised in a very stylised dramatic form and has been recognised by UNESCO as Thailand’s first National Cultural Heritage. The art of khon continues to be taught in Thai schools and universities to preserve this national treasure.

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  •   Thai Consonants  

​The written Thai alphabet includes 44 consonants and dates back to around 1826 when it was called “Lae Seu Thai”. It was adapted from Mon and Khmer letters by King Ramkhamhaeng, and has been constantly modified and improved in the years since.

  •   Thai Swan Inhaler

Thailand’s original brand of fermented herbal inhaler is made from a combination of 15 dried herbs and other medicines. It helps to relieve dizziness and light headedness. In the past it was most commonly used by street vendors and factory workers but with the changing times, Thai Swan Inhalers have redesigned their packaging and branding. The aroma is not too strong, and with its ready availability, it has become more popular with teenagers and enjoyed strong word of mouth promotion. One of its most famous users is Lisa from the K-Pop phenomenon Blackpink. After she was seen using the inhaler, her Thai and international fans rushed to copy their idol, resulting in the brand selling out all of its stock overnight!

3. Local Community

  •   Laem Sak Community, Krabi Province

The Laem Sak Community has been selected as a model community as part of the Ministry of Culture’s “Visit Yalavithi Communities” programme. It is a small community with a unique cultural identity as it is comprised of Thai Buddhists, Muslims, and Thai Chinese families. Its physical appearance is also unique with the sea on three sides of the community and 360-degree views of the surrounding mountains. The community’s primary activity is fishing, and a beautiful nearby tourist attraction is the “Chao Le Cave” situated in the middle of the water and can be accessed by sailboat. The area is also renowned for its beautiful orchids with Krabi’s “yellow lady slipper” being a justifiable source of local pride and a reason for tourists to visit Bok Khorani National Park, whose plant conservation projects can be joined by visitors as well.

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  •   Ban Mae Ton Luang Community, Chiang Mai Province

Ban Mae Ton Luang Community is located in Thep Sadet sub-district in Chiang Mai. The community is surrounded by beautiful valleys and nearby is the famous Doi Langka Luang – Thailand’s fifth-highest mountain which is situated at the border of Chiang Rai, Chiang Mai and Lampang provinces. Originally the community cultivated miang (lahpet) leaves – a pickled tea leaf – but have now switched to growing Arabica coffee. Coffee plants are grown in the middle of the valleys, an area rich with evergreen forest which imparts a special aroma to the coffee. The community has now become renowned for its coffee, and “Sadet Coffee” is considered among Thailand’s finest. 

  •   Ban Khlong Sala Community, Samut Songkhram Province 

The community of Ban Khlong Sala comprises Thai and Chinese citizens. Located next to the water, it is little surprise that the villagers are skilled boatsmen and women. Most community members are involved in the growing of fruits and vegetables, especially their famed coconut gardens. The local coconuts have a particularly sweet scent and are used to make sugar. The area also features the Tha Kha Floating Market, Samut Songkhram’s Yalavithi floating market, which has its own identity and charm. Visitors can take a boat trip through the market and watch demonstrations in sugar making. Local handicraft activities are also available including boat-making and making the toys that are specific to the local community. 

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