Pha Rang Mee Homestay

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The saying that wherever people from the Northeast goes, Northeastern food follows is true for Pha Rang Mee village as the local area is known for its Northeastern cuisine as the people here originally migrated from Kalasin and Roi Et provinces. Today, most villagers grow jasmine rice and offer tourism activities where they take visitors on trams to learn about their way of life from local groups such as the textile weaving group, mat weaving group, Kaset Somboon group, and the housewives’ group who welcomes visitors by teaching them how to cook genuine Northeastern food such as papaya salad and sticky rice dessert.

MICE Activities

  • Learn about the history and way of life of the Northeastern community in Phitsanulok
  • Pay homage at Chao Por Rom Khao Shrine
  • Learn how to cook Northeastern food
  • Learn how to weave textile and mats
  • Learn about waste management in the community
  • Learn how to carry out New Theory Agriculture according to Sufficiency Economy Philosophy
  • Take a tram to join in learning activities in the community

MICE Checklists

  • Fits 100 pax
  • Suitable for M
  • Meetings can be held at the Pha Rang Mee Sufficiency Economy Learning Center

Nearby Attractions

  • Wat Pha Rang Mee Wanaram
  • Chao Por Rom Khao Shrine
  • Phupirom Farmstay

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