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Welcoming, innovative, and armed with strategic acumen, The Kingdom of Thailand provides business visitors with MICE solutions to deliver the economic impact they seek in successful business events.

Thailand achieved top ranking in ICCA for the most number of meetings for 2 consecutive years, and within the first three-quarters of 2018, received over 900,000 MICE travellers and generating almost 69 million baht in receipts.

To mark TCEB’s role in perpetuating the successful growth in business tourism, the bureau was awarded Best Convention and Exhibition Bureau of 2015 by TTG Travel Awards.



Thailand’s dynamic geo-positioning is a key factor to being an award-winning MICE destination. The country offers unparalleled trade flow and market access to the region, including the burgeoning CLMV region, and enthusiastic traders in China.

The proximity to all areas of Asia makes Thailand an undisputed business hub, and sees almost 1.4 million international visitors flying in on 8,000 flights per week in 2017.

Both market reach and ease of access has Thailand ranking 26th in the Doing Business 2018 report by World Bank.



Thailand 4.0 has the government of Thailand identifying the key industries that will spur economic growth. The policy focuses on innovation-driven sectors, or those with potential to transform with innovation. These include Bio-tech, Smart Devices, Robotics and Mechatronics, Advanced Medical Products and more.

TCEB has aligned support schemes to rally to the national policy. This drive towards the future gives the Kingdom its second consecutive top ranking in 2018 as in the ‘Best Countries to Start a Business’ rankings formed by Y&R’s brand strategy firm, BAV Group, and the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.



10 Special Economic Zones will be established with Thailand’s neighbours to facilitate a smoother trade flow and enjoying the benefits of connectivity with an emerging ASEAN market. An Eastern Economic Corridor will also be set-up to provide special investment opportunities. It will strengthen leading industries and be a springboard location to ASEAN, China, and India.All this feeds to the ‘Grow Together’ policy being fostered by the government.



Holding the same global sentiment to climate change, Thailand is a champion in CSR and Sustainability. TCEB’s MICE Capabilities has incorporated several modules with focus on green best practice, generating industry interest in areas such as farm-to-function and food waste prevention.



The ‘Land of Smiles’ is just that. Doing business in Thailand is an enjoyable affair, supported by friendly and enthusiastic professionals no matter where you go. World-class brands such as Grand Hyatt and Intercontinental, have not only hosted distinctive business events, but redefined success milestones here, with awards like Best Business Hotel 2016 by TTG and World’s Leading Green Resort by World Traveller Award World Winners respectively.

The locals offer a 360 backdrop of hospitality, with a sincerity that can only come from a satisfying lifestyle. Indeed, Thailand stayed on top for 3 consecutive years as the happiest country in Asia by Bloomberg.



From province to capital, Thailand has been pushing the boundaries in giving the business traveller a unique perspective only found in the Kingdom. Nowhere else will you be able to find the level of authenticity in merging comfort with culture, and the modern with natural marvels. Not only do our venues and accomodation meet international standards, our contrast accords every visitor with an endless selection of experiences.

Thailand’s vibrancy is seen in Chiang Mai which was ranked 3rd in 2017 as ‘The World’s Best Cities’ by Travel + Leisure, but the Kingdom itself won ‘Destination of the Year’ in the same year by TTG Travel Awards.



The Thailand Conventions and Exhibition Bureau (TCEB) instills its presence in the business tourism market by elevating standards and supporting positive transformation. When in Thailand, your business events will be fully supported from inception to post-show with the dedicated and professional teams at TCEB. To start redefining your business events, speak with us today.