16 August 2021, Bangkok: TCEB, in collaboration with Social Security Office, held ‘MICE Clinic’ webinar for MICE entrepreneurs to understand and access government’s COVID-19 relief measures for MICE industry located in 29 provinces declared maximum control area with tight restrictions

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            Mr. Chiruit Isarangkun Na Ayuthaya, President, Thailand Convention & Exhibition Bureau (Public Organization) or TCEB, stated that TCEB organised “MICE Clinic” webinar to serve as a central platform for the public sector to raise the understanding of MICE entrepreneurs and operators of the government’s key policy and direction applicable to MICE industry. In this connection, representatives from the Social Security Office were invited to explain in details and answer the enquiries of impacted MICE entrepreneurs in maximum control area with tight restrictions about government’s financial relief measures and the right procedures to access them. The webinar attracted over 240 participants, who are entrepreneurs and representatives of MICE-related associations, tourism sector and event organiser industry. Some of them belonged to Thailand Incentive and Convention Association (TICA), Thai Exhibition Association (TEA), Business of Creative and Event Management Association (EMA), Thai Hotels Association (THA), Thai International Events and Festivals Trade Association (TIEFA), Tourism Council of Thailand (TCT), Association of Thai Travel Agents (ATTA), Association of Domestic Travel (ADT), Thai Travel Agents Association (TTAA), Thai Mass Participation Sports Trade Association (TMPSA). 

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            Mr. Surasit Srikaew, Director of Contribution Bureau, Social Security Office, explained that to comply with the government’s policy in providing financial relief to the employers and the insured in the 9 enterprise categories affected by the government’s disease control which has been enforced in 29 provinces declared maximum control area with tight restrictions. One of the targeted enterprise categories is meeting and trade show organisation, which is eligible to three relief projects. First is the aid project for employers and the insured registered under Section 33, second is the project for the insured registered under Section 39 and third is the project for the insured registered under Section 40. Furthermore, there is additional compensation to be paid to the unemployed as a result of the government’s order on enterprise closure.

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            In the financial aid project under Section 33, the employer is eligible to 3,000-baht compensation per one worker with a maximum of up to 200 persons. An employer who is a natural person will receive the payout via PromptPay registered with a citizen ID number. In case the employer is a juristic person, the compensation is remitted via the bank account registered with the Social Security Office. Employers are required to request for the relief by submitting the required documents at  

            Employees registered under Section 33 will receive 2,500-baht compensation per person (Thai nationality) via bank account linked with the PromptPay registered with a citizenship ID number. Workers registered under Section 39 and Section 40 will receive 5,000-baht compensation per person. 

            In case of unemployment due to business closure following the government’s order, restaurant workers and operators who have contributed to Social Security Fund within 15 months before becoming unemployed will receive 50% compensation within 90 days.

            Entrepreneurs joining the webinar were highly interested in the activity. Questions had been lodged in advance to. Further queries were continually made during the webinar. For example, the scope of eligibility to relief for people in tourism sector, tour guide and MICE industry; the direction of support in case the business being closed incurred damages with value higher than the relief; additional support from the government; solutions for businesses not included in 9 eligible categories; support for businesses not being closed due to the government’s order but discontinuation is unavoidable; solutions for multi-branch enterprise whose headquarter is eligible to relief but their branches are not. 

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            Mr. Surasit added that tourism, tour guide and MICE are listed in the eligible category, whereas businesses outside the 9 government-sanctioned categories and those whose discontinuation is not due to the government’s order are considered unqualified. For multi-branch enterprises, each branch can lodge the request with the Social Security Office in their respective area. The entrepreneurs or the insured having queries or wishing to file additional information for relief consideration can contact the Social Security Office at 24-hour Hot Line 1509.

            Mr. Chiruit concluded that “MICE Clinic” webinar received good feedback from MICE entrepreneurs, because it is considered a form of relief provided by the public sector that addresses the needs of the target groups. As a key agency dedicated to MICE promotion, TCEB will never cease to co-ordinate in assisting MICE entrepreneurs, as well as to ensure accurate understanding in the government’s relief measures.   


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