TCEB Situation Update Travel Advisory: COVID-19 virus on 24 April 2020<br>Electronic Meeting Guideline Announced

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TCEB Situation Update

Travel Advisory: COVID-19 virus on 24 April 2020
Electronic Meeting Guideline Announced

    The Thai government has enacted the Emergency Decree on Electronic Meetings B.E. 2563 (2020) as part of a measure to enable governmental works to proceed amid social distancing and the spread of COVID-19 pandemic. The decree offers guideline for legal bind electronic meetings. The key points are as follows:

    1. Meetings required to be held by law can be conducted through electronic means, 

        1.1) meetings of the House of Representatives, the Senate and the National Assembly;

        1.2) court trial meetings

        1.3) meetings for carrying out a procurement process of a government agency, a local government agency, a state enterprise, a public organisation and other State agencies;

        1.4) other meetings as specified by Ministerial Regulations.

    2. Attendees, not at the meeting venue, can be in the Kingdom or abroad, but they are required to identify themselves prior to joining the meetings.

    3. An invitation letter for meeting and documents related to the meeting can be sent by an electronic mail. In this regard, the person having the duty to organise the meeting shall maintain a copy of the invitation letter and related documents as evidence, which may be stored in the form of electronic data.

    4. The organiser of the meeting shall:

        4.1) make an arrangement for attendees to identify themselves through electronic means prior to joining the meeting;

        4.2) enable attendees to cast votes, both open voting and secret voting;

        4.3) prepare written minutes of the meeting;

        4.4) produce audio and video records of every attendee except for a confidential meeting;

        4.5) retain information of every attendee as evidence.

    5. The electronic system used for the meeting must be able to:

        5.1) allow attendees audio communication, or both audio and visual combination

        5.2) allow attendees to have two-way communication

        5.3) provide effective connecting and transmitting system

        5.4) enable the chairperson of the meeting to have a full control of the system including canceling or suspending the transmission of data in the meeting.

    6. The meeting allowance is to be paid to attendees who identify themselves to join the meeting through electronic means.

This decree has come to force on 18 April 2020.



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