Kanom Thai Kai Whan

Upon entering this dessert shop, visitors will be welcomed with the sweet scent of Thai desserts as well as the smile of Praset ‘Ajarn Puek’ Janyachart, the founder of the shop who offers Thai dessert-making courses that focus on using traditional ingredients and techniques. Apart from passing on the art of making Thai desserts, he also aims to preserve the art of Thai dessert according to the Thong family in the Ayutthaya era for later generations.

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MICE Activities

  • Learn about the history of Thai
  • desserts of the Ayutthaya era as well as other rare Thai desserts
  • Learn how to make traditional Thai desserts such as thong ek, thong yip, thong yod, and dok sano

MICE Checklists Fits 50 pax

  • Suitable for I
  • Meetings can be held at the reception area

Nearby Attractions

  • Wat Talan Nuea
  • Wat Latchit

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