TCEB in partnership with Amsterdam Light Festival to create the first world-class light festival in Thailand, choosing Ratchaprasong for site inspection

Bangkok, 10 September 2015 – Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau (Public Organization) or TCEB today signed a partnership agreement with Amsterdam Light Festival to create a world-class light festival in Thailand. The partnership is tipped to impart new vigour to the Thai economy and restore the confidence in high level of safety that MICE travellers and event organisers can expect from Thailand as a top destination for festivals and events. Mr Rogier van der Heide, a world-renowned lighting designer and the Artistic Director of Amsterdam Light Festival, also surveyed Ratchaprasong as the first area to be lit up under this new partnership.

Mr. Nopparat Maythaveekulchai, President of TCEB said, “TCEB has a mission to promote and facilitate development of international events, festivals and world-class mega events in Thailand. Strategically, we are focused on pooling in events from our bidding targets and increasing arrivals of international visitors by hosting international events and mega events, as well as profiling Thailand as the destination of international events and mega events through strong exposure in international media, and developing a network of public-private partnerships that will reinforce supportive role of TCEB in every step to increase Thai chances to win in world-class events.”

“By positioning Thailand as Asia’s premier destination for international events within our strategic direction to drive Thailand as the hub of mega events, we are paving way for more arrivals of quality visitors and event-goers,” he continued. “In our most recent move, TCEB and Amsterdam Light Festival have entered a partnership for knowledge sharing and collaborative creation of a world-class light festival in Thailand. The partnership not only enables an interchange of knowledge in lighting innovations, light arts, as well as public relations, marketing and promotion planning for light festivals, etc., but will also bring magnificent artworks of Amsterdam Light Festival on show in Thailand for the first time.

“We also invited Mr Rogier van der Heide, the world-renowned lighting designer who serves as Artistic Director of Amsterdam Light Festival, to survey potential locations for a large scale light festival in Thailand. The survey started with Ratchaprasong as a first location due to its prominence as a central district for business, trade and transport of Bangkok and Thailand at large, and not to mention that Ratchaprasong Square Trade Association is a strong partner of TCEB for our MICE industry promotion. It later exposed him to many other locations and attractions of Bangkok. We believe that the new partnership will send across a favourable signal for more international collaborations, leading to greater confidence of international visitors and event organisers to choose Ratchaprasong district as their destination.” Mr. Nopparat said

Mr Rogier van der Heide said, “My visit this time is for the signing MOU between TCEB and Amsterdam Light Festival, which will set about a long-term partnership for exchange of information and collaborative development of international light festivals. In addition, I had a chance to deliver a talk on “How to Create Impact for International Light Festival - Trends & Sustainability”. It was a great opportunity to share my lighting design experiences and the techniques used at world-class festivals to government and private agencies as well as interested students in design, architecture, and engineering disciplines from various institutions.”

Mr Rogier van der Heide has previously completed numerous lighting design projects for well-known places all over the world, including Louis Vuitton World Wide Lighting Design, Swarovski Crystal Palace (Milan - German), Forcefield (London), YAS Marina Hotel (Abu Dhabi), Library Boekenberg (MVRDV, Rotterdam), Beijing Olympic Stadium, Herzog & De Meuron (China), Stedelijk Museum (Amsterdam – Netherland), Het Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam (Amsterdam – Netherland) and The Amsterdam Light Festival 2013.

Mr. Chai Srivikorn, President of Ratchaprasong Square Trade Association (RSTA), commented, “As the representative of Ratchaprasong people, RSTA would like to thank TCEB and the world-class light festival organiser for their interest to survey our district and other locations in Bangkok in their preparation for the light festival. This partnership will enliven Bangkok tourism. At the same time, it will restore the confidence of tourists and MICE travellers who are planning for a year-end holiday, and consequently attract more visitors to Ratchaprasong. By having the world’s leading expert to share his lighting design experiences and techniques from world-class festivals, the partnership will also top up the knowledge of Thai designers for applied use in their future creations.”

The light festival to be held late this year is an important project to drive forward Thai MICE industry in 2015. It will expectedly attract interested visitors around the world to Bangkok and Thailand which will help achieve Thailand MICE target visitors at 1,036,300 MICE travellers and generate revenue of 106,780 million baht.


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