Thai Way x MICE Way Visit the East, enjoy seasonal delicacies, gain unique experiences

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The bright blue sea and various seasonal fruits are the signature of the eastern region which awaits for MICE travellers to visit and get to experience the beauty of the sea and savour the delicious tastes of various fruits from their place of origin. Speaking of the East, it is no doubt that many people would think of the lively beach and beautiful sea of Pattaya, Chonburi. However, that is not all the east has to offer, you can also have even more special experience in this city through experiencing the Muslim’s way of life at ‘Ban Nern Plub Wan Community’.

In the midst of light and sound of Pattaya, the Muslim community of Ban Nern Plub Wan is a peaceful community. It is ready to welcome MICE travellers to relax and learn the traditional Muslim’s way of life through multiple activities: visiting the mosque, cooking and tasting your self-made halal dishes, such as goat curry and roti, and joining creative workshops to make keychains from goat skin and soap from goat milk that are both workable. We can certainly guarantee you, all MICE travellers, that Ban Nern Plub Wan community will give you a new and unique kind of experience and more comprehension of Muslim way of faith and belief.

Let’s move on from the sea city to a dream destination for those who are passionate about the delicious taste of Thai fruits. At ‘Khao Bai Si Community’ in Tha Mai district, Chanthaburi, it is filled with the way of life of those people who have been making a living from fruit farming since their grandparents generations. So, the community is surrounded by many old orchards where there are many fruits, including durian; the king of fruits, mangosteen; the queen of fruits, rambutan, salak, and langsat. Some of the trees are enormous and even have lived for more than a hundred years. If you are visiting during the harvest time, you can also walk around the orchards while tasting fresh fruits on the trees blissfully.

Moreover, that is not all this community has to offer. You can learn about villagers’ folk wisdom that passed on across the generations, for example, tending the orchard by using underground reservoir tunnels while also enjoying fruit dishes cooking workshops, such as salak chilli paste, mangosteen salad, and salacca & crab rice which are rare dishes that can be hard to find in other areas. It can be said that these activities are not something MICE travellers would want to miss since it is where you get to taste delicious food while having fun and joyfully immersing yourselves into the knowledge at the same time.

In other words, the eastern region of Thailand has prepared various activities in all dimensions, especially the deliciousness and unique experiences hidden in the local communities. So, these outstanding charms of the region are waiting for all MICE travellers to come join together.