“MICE Winnovation”: TCEB Supports 18 Online Events to Further

“MICE Winnovation”: TCEB Supports 18 Online Events to Further 

Strengthen MICE Technology Innovation  

August 12, 2021, Bangkok: With an aim to move ahead with technology-based development, TCEB has agreed to support 18 online events under its “MICE Winnovation” project to be organised this year.

This is adding to the previous success of business-matching between MICE operators and tech entrepreneurs in developing and adopting event-specific innovations resulted in 150 parings.

Mr. Chiruit Isarangkun Na Ayuthaya, President, Thailand Convention & Exhibition Bureau (Public Organization) or TCEB stated that despite the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on the MICE industry, TCEB has remained committed to “MICE Winnovation” since its launch in March. He said: “‘MICE Winnovation’ is aimed at meeting the demands of MICE entrepreneurs in using innovation and technology to drive their business, upgrading MICE event organisation and amplifying the capabilities of Thailand’s MICE industry among target audiences worldwide. Significantly, ‘MICE Winnovation’ has also expanded business opportunities for tech entrepreneurs in Thailand offering tech-based solutions for the MICE industry from operational efficiency to monitoring hygiene and safety standards”.

TCEB’s “MICE Winnovation” project has been fruitful in matching MICE entrepreneurs with developers who are capable of producing tech solutions for their events. From March to July, 152 pairs have been established. Also 35 have applied for support from TCEB for their projects and 18 have been approved so far after completing the review process.  

The 18 qualified events comprise 15 using virtual/hybrid technology and three using crowd management technology to improve hygiene and safety standards. Two events have successfully been held. The 55th Lions Club International MD 310 Thailand Convention, held from May 7–9, 2021, attracted 2,318 online delegates. Bangkok Projection Mapping Competition 2021 (BPMC 2021), an interactive media competition that was held from June 12–20, 2021, attracted around 20,000 viewers. All other approved events will take place by December 2021.

Mr. Parote Denskoon, CEO & Co-Founder, ZipEvent Co.,Ltd., said: “The success of any innovative technology can only be recognised when there are genuine users. ‘MICE Winnovation’ allowed us to be matched with the MICE entrepreneur Yimsamer Studio. It resulted in our collaboration in organising BPMC 2021 via an online platform. It was a good opportunity that was created by TCEB for both of us. As an innovation developer, I would say the event was a good occasion to pilot our self-developed technology in a real situation. Yimsamer Studio, as the event organiser, had complete access and was able to test-run some new technologies that allowed it to welcome viewers on a wider scale. No longer limited to offline access, it successfully reached out to viewers worldwide with no restriction.”  

Mr. Thanapong Panichob, Co-Founder - CEO, Yimsamer Studio Co.,Ltd., said: “Event organisers now depend on the integration of technologies such as multimedia design, interactive design and immersive experience to communicate and deliver memorable visitor experiences. Organising BPMC 2021 with ZipEvent was another space for designers and artists, local and international alike, to showcase their capabilities, which in turn leads to career advancement, as well as contribute to new market trends and the improvement of other industries in the future.”   

The “MICE Winnovation” project also entails the development of a “MICE Innovation Catalog”, a directory platform of MICE and tech entrepreneurs which users can also browse for prospective partners. The catalog displays various categories of MICE innovation for improving every segment of event organisation from pre- to post-event. The list of innovations is selected by TCEB with input from its public sector partners and MICE-related associations and is updated every month. The goal is to make available a diversity of products and services for MICE entrepreneurs. Currently, there are more than 70 MICE innovations from 50 companies listed. Access TCEB’s “MICE Innovation Catalog”at  https://innocatalog.tceb.or.th    

In addition, TCEB is collaborating with National Innovation Agency (NIA), one of its public sector partners from the “MICE Winnovation” project, to share the business profiles of innovation service providers. This year, NIA has added a new category – “Travel Tech” – for innovation service providers in its Innovation Catalog. Six companies from TCEB’s “MICE Winnovation” project now also appear in NIA’s Innovation Catalog. They are Adasoft Co., Ltd., Daywork (Thailand) Co., Ltd., CT Asia Robotics Co., Ltd., Loops Reserve Your Ride Co., Ltd., Queue Q (Thailand) Co., Ltd. and ZipEvent Co.,Ltd. NIA has also announced that it will award a 1.5-million-baht support funding to Potioneer, a tech participant from TCEB’s “MICE Winnovation” project, to develop new technology solutions.  

TCEB’s “MICE Winnovation” project is a collaboration between the public and private sectors to develop new technology solutions that will serve Thailand’s MICE industry well beyond the COVID-19 period. Mr. Chiruit said: “The project is making good progress in encouraging Thai MICE entrepreneurs to build up their capabilities, strengthen their business resilience, and keep innovating to deliver an excellent attendee experience”.


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