TCEB Situation Update COVID-19 Virus on 23 July 2021

TCEB Situation Update

COVID-19 Virus on 23 July 2021

Limited Operation and Temporary Closure of Certain Establishments and Venues in Bangkok

Bangkok Metropolitan Administration has issued an announcement number 37 and number 38 to enforce the operation of certain establishments and venues under particular conditions and disease prevention measures as prescribed by the government and the temporary closure of certain establishments and venues. The details are as follows:

The operation of certain establishments and venues under particular conditions and government’s disease prevention measures 
1. Restaurants and food and beverage outlets can provide takeaway services only and must be closed by 20:00 hrs.
2. Shopping malls, shopping centres, community malls or other similar establishments can operate until 20:00 hrs. However, the only permitted services are selling necessary consumer goods, medicine and medical supplies, supermarkets, services on vaccination or other medicine and public health services. 
3. Hotels can operate during its regular time; however, such activities as meetings, seminars and caterings are prohibited.
4. Convenience stores and flea markets can operate until 20:00 hrs. 24-hour convenience stores must be closed between 20:00 – 04:00 hrs. of the next day.
5. Schools, educational or training institutes must comply with the measures previously announced. 

Hospitals, medical and public health clinics, drugstores, other stores, factory, banking, finance and securities, telecommunication, post and parcels, pet food, repair and maintenance, tools and building materials, stores selling items of basic necessity for daily living, cooking gas, fuel, petrol station, gas station, market (only food and raw materials for consumption zones), nurseries (only those in hospitals and night nursery), nursing homes (only night nursing ones), insurance, emergency services, vehicle and repair services, battery stores, inspection and maintenance of public utilities, drainage, fuel and gas pipeline, garbage collection and elimination and online delivery services can operate but must strictly comply with preventive control measures, starting from 20 July until 2 August 2021 or until further notice.

Temporary closure of certain establishments and venues
1. Entertainment venues, any establishments providing similar services, pubs, bars, karaoke lounges or other similar venues
2. Massage parlors
3. Establishments providing bathing, steam bath and herbal steam services
4. Cockfighting rings and cockfighting training rings, bullrings, fish fighting rings, horse racing courses or other similar sport arenas
5. All types of competition venues
6. Boxing stadiums, boxing training gyms/schools
7. Snooker and billiard halls
8. Bowling alleys 
9. Game machine arcades, gaming centres and internet cafes
10. Cinemas, theatres, playhouses, spots for public performance
11. Water parks, amusement parks, playgrounds, playground equipment
12. Zoos or animal display venues
13. Skating rings or rollerblading arenas or other similar places
14. Fitness centres
15. Martial arts schools (gyms)
16. Social/ballroom dance schools or academies
17. Places providing services on meeting rooms, catering rooms, catering venues and other similar places
18. Amulet and votive tablet trading markets and centres
19. Weight-loss clinics, beauty and aesthetic services (non-medical clinic certified), health related establishments such as spa, health massage, foot massage 
20. Every type of sport venues
           Indoor sport venues: badminton court, futsal court, basketball court, volleyball court
           Outdoor sport venues: golf course, golf driving range, football field, tennis court
21. Public parks, botanical gardens and flower gardens
22. Sport grounds
23. Convention centres, trade fair centres and exhibition halls
24. Learning centres, science for education centres, science parks, science and culture centers and art galleries
25. Public libraries, community libraries, private libraries and book houses
26. All kinds of museums, historical sites, and archaeological sites 
27. Nurseries
28. Beauty shops, hair salons, nail salons, tattoo shops
29. Pools for sporting purposes or reservoirs for water activities and public swimming pools or other similar activities

Establishments and venues number 20 to number 27 are allowed to operate only for medical services and public health provided by the government while establishments and venues number 20 to number 29 must be closed from 23 July until 2 August 2021 or until further notice.



Further information about COVID-19 outbreak from WHO
Department of Disease Control Contact Centre (Call 1422 24/7)
Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau (TCEB) (Call +66 (0) 2694 6000)