TCEB Situation Update Travel Advisory: COVID 19 virus on 25 January 2021 Relaxation of measures for certain establishments to resume operation in Bangkok

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TCEB Situation Update

Travel Advisory: COVID 19 virus on 25 January 2021

Relaxation of measures for certain establishments to resume operation in Bangkok


The Governor of Bangkok has announced relaxation measures for certain establishments to resume operation after the enforcement of temporary closure since January 4, 2021. The announcement, effective January 22, 2021, is in line with the consent of the Communicable Disease Committee of Bangkok Metropolitan Authority (BMA). The details of the relaxed measures are as follows:


  1. These venues or establishments can resume operation or certain activities.

          1.1.     Game arcades

          1.2.     Internet shops

          1.3.     Senior Nursing homes

          1.4.     Martial arts schools (gyms)

          1.5.     All kinds of sport venues, except those for cockfighting, boxing, horse racing, cow fighting, fish fighting, or similar establishments

          1.6.     Banquet halls, catering venues, including similar establishments

          1.7.     Amulet markets

          1.8.     Beauty salons, tattoo and piercing shops

          1.9.     Fitness centres

          1.10.    Healthcare service, spa, traditional Thai massage, foot massage

          1.11.    Boxing training gyms, boxing camps, gymnasia

          1.12.    Bowling alleys, skating rings, rollerblade rings, or similar establishments

          1.13.    Ballroom dancing academies

  1. All venues and establishments listed in (1) must strictly comply with the disease control measures in the annex of BMA’s announcement (No 17).
  1. Other venues and establishments not subject to temporary closure or obliged to specific measures by the previous BMA’s announcements must execute disease control measures as follows;

          3.1.     Temperature screening, respiratory symptoms screenings

          3.2.     Wearing surgical masks or fabric masks

          3.3.     Social distancing, at least one metre away from each other, and limit the number of people staying in any area to prevent overcrowding

          3.4.     Hand-washing stations with soap, alcohol gel, or disinfectants

          3.5.     Frequently cleaning of the surface areas before, during, and after any activities

          3.6.     Registration both before and after using the establishments, encourage visitors to use the government tracing applications

  1. Violators or those who fail to comply with BMA’s announcements number 15 dated 1 January 2021, number 16 dated 4 January 2021, and number 17 dated 21 January 2021 shall be forced to close the venues or establishments for 14 days.


Violators may be subject to Article 52 of the Communicable Disease Act, B.E. 2558, resulting in a maximum one-year imprisonment, or a maximum fine of 100,000 baht, or both. They may also be subject to Article 18 of the Emergency Decree on Public Administration, B.E. 2548, resulting in a maximum two-year imprisonment, or a maximum fine of 40,000 baht, or both.


Due to an emergency affair, any rights to dispute this announcement is not permitted, according to Article 30, paragraph 2 (1) of the Administrative Procedure Act, B.E. 2539







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