TCEB unveils operational plan FY 2021  

'New Normal MICE – Sustainable Growth'

October 7, 2020, Bangkok: TCEB unveils operational plan for the fiscal year 2021 aimed at driving MICE out of crisis and strengthening the fundamentals of sustainability for the industry. Guided by the concept "New Normal MICE – Sustainable Growth", the plan identifies 4 strategic approaches: promoting domestic MICE, utilising innovation, attracting international events, and developing MICE ecosystem. The bureau targets 10.4 million MICE travellers with 64 billion baht in revenue to the country.

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Mr. Chiruit Isarangkun Na Ayuthaya, President of Thailand Convention & Exhibition Bureau (Public Organization) or TCEB, said that TCEB's operational plan for the fiscal year 2021 focuses on the challenges related to the impact of COVID-19 pandemic. It identifies ways to help MICE entrepreneurs revive their businesses and pinpoints opportunities to uplift the standards of Thailand's MICE industry in the post-COVID-19 era.

"During the third quarter, when the country started to ease COVID-19 restrictions, domestic MICE activities have begun to rebound as a result of a series of promotional campaigns and local MICE operator's readiness, which demonstrates the potential of domestic market. Recent statistics on the participation in MICE events showed that 55.4% or 375,094 delegates joined events via online platforms, while 44.6% or 302,312 attended events on-site. The figure underscores TCEB's success in introducing technologies to boost online MICE activities."

Taking these critical factors into account, TCEB has developed the fiscal year 2021 operational plan under the concept "New Normal MICE – Sustainable Growth". It is aimed at enhancing the use of technology and building up the strength of Thailand's MICE industry through four main strategies, which are stimulating the domestic market; attracting international MICE events; propelling MICE through innovation; and fostering MICE ecosystem. The plan focuses on creating and promoting opportunities to help MICE operators recover and resume normal operations as soon as possible.

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According to Mr. Chiruit, in order to stimulate domestic market, emphasis will be placed on the support the organisation of MICE events in all regions across the country. By working closely with government agencies, private organisations, and local communities, TCEB also aims to upgrade local MICE events into national level by showcasing local identities at each destination to attract MICE businesses.

Towards that end, in the first quarter of the new fiscal year (October – December 2020), TCEB has allocated an additional 10-million-baht budget for the promotional campaign “Thailand: A Safer Place for Meetings”. It aims at encouraging public and private sectors to use MICE activities as a means to distribute income to local communities. The campaign offers incentives for organisations that hold meetings, incentives, seminars, training activities, CSR activities, or corporate outings by December 2020. Meanwhile, TCEB will be promoting domestic exhibitions through a cooperation network, Empower Thailand Exhibition (EMTEX), throughout the year 2021.

To attract international MICE events, TCEB focuses on trade shows.  Guided by the master plan "Thailand LOG-IN Event", the bureau will attract shows in logistic & infrastructure sector, which is in line with the national development policies. Public and private organisations will be supported and facilitated to create and expand the profile of their shows into logistic and infrastructure sector or bid for new international shows and have them located in different regions of Thailand. The particular emphasis is the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC).

In addition, TCEB plans to introduce "Festival Economy" by using mega events and festivals to create economic heritage, add value, and promote economic, social and environmental development in different provinces. Meanwhile, the bureau is implementing strategic plans to attract international events through representatives in seven markets, namely China, India, Singapore, Japan, Australia, UK, Europe and North America.


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As for the innovation, TCEB will implement a series of measures, including the development of online and hybrid MICE events, to help MICE operators to get through the crisis. In the first quarter of the fiscal year 2021, TCEB will encourage entrepreneurs to run business events via Virtual Meeting Space (VMS) and provide support to eight events which conduct webinars and O2O activities online. These events are Thailand Dive Expo (TDEX), INTERCARE Asia 2020, Coffee and Bakery Fair 2020, Khon Kaen International Motor Expo, Chiang Mai Design Week, Global Running Summit, ISURA 2020 Bangkok, and AHC 2020.

Regarding the MICE ecosystem development, TCEB plans to establish the One-Stop Service Centre which will provide information and facilitate MICE events in Thailand. The centre will use digital technologies to integrate services, facilitate regulatory compliance, provide MICE event services to government agencies, and assist MICE visitors with such services as MICE Lane, Fast Track, Visa on Arrival, and related healthcare.

In the fiscal year 2020, Thailand welcomed 10,456,899 MICE travellers, generating 61.3 billion baht in revenue. Of these figures, international MICE travellers stood at 500,090, generating 29.8 billion baht in revenue. Corporate Meetings generated the highest revenue at 9.4 billion baht with 149,638 travellers followed by Conventions which generated 8.3 billion baht in revenue from 139,639 travellers. Incentives generated 5.6 billion baht from 122,102 travellers, while Exhibitions generated 6.4 billion baht in revenue from 88,711 travellers.

In the same period, domestic MICE travellers numbered 9,956,809, generating 31.4 billion baht in revenue. Exhibitions represented the largest market share with 7,900,843 travellers, generating revenue of 26.4 billion baht. Conventions travellers stood at 1,350,609, contributing 3 billion baht in revenue followed by Corporate Meetings with 604,246 travellers, generating 1.5 billion baht, and Incentives with 101,111 travellers, contributing 529 million baht in revenue.

"We forecast 3.5% growth for the fiscal year 2021. In the first quarter, TCEB will provide support to 70 events which underscores the importance of MICE as one of the key mechanisms to stimulate Thailand's economy. These events will create jobs and generate income for local communities, while the industry continues to move forward with strong cooperation between the public and private sectors," said Mr. Chiruit.


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