Revitalizing your business with the “Re-Energizing Exhibition"

"Revitalizing your business with the “Re-Energizing Exhibition"

Ease Up

Ease Support Criteria.

Provide Financial Subsidy for Exhibition Participants.

Enjoy this less complicated, but more efficient solution that hits to the right target, and helps business continuity, through the existing “ASEAN+6 Privilege” and “Exhibiz in Market” campaigns as well as a financial subsidy of up to 25% on all event sizes, in order to attract international and local participants (both exhibitors and visitors) for Thailand’s exhibition industry to go further.


Encourage Hybrid Exhibitions.

Promote “New Normal” Exhibitions.

This is based on the current trending on hybrid events in Thailand’s exhibition industry through the integration of our “Virtual Meetings System” (VMS) e.g. webinars, online-to-offline interaction, etc.  Also, we encourage organizers with our additional funding support to follow disease control measures by the Ministry of Public Health as new normal SOPs, especially on safety and hygiene standards, amid travel restrictions.


Stimulate Show Spinning and New Exhibit Profiles.

Support Key Industry Sectors.

Initiate Airlines Partnership Program.

Meet the smart strategy to leverage show growth through new profile creation and regional expositions. The “Thailand LOG-IN Events” masterplan in logistics and infrastructure for post-COVID-19 focused sectors including future automotive, robotics and automation, medical hub, food processing, defence/disaster and pandemic management is also introduced for business opportunities, countrywide, particularly in EEC. Moreover, we work closely with airline partners to grant additional privileges for local and international participants when the skies are reopened.


Collaborate with Government’s Authorities.

Strengthen Thai Entrepreneurs.

This is the national-level alliance between government and private sectors to support and to facilitate Thailand’s exhibition industry from policy making stage until practical execution, mainly through pavilions at Thai trade shows. Furthermore, we have developed an incubation program, in order to prompt Thai entrepreneurs and local service providers for international exhibition standards.

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