Field MUSH Fun

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This chemical-free ‘farm of happiness’ in Khon Kaen opens its doors for visitors to learn about growing vegetables in the natural way without the use of chemicals. Here, visitors can join the vegetable-growing workshop to grow produce such as kale which is full of fiber and sulphur, cook meals using fresh vegetables, learn how to make bug repellent, and organize a miniature garden that can add a touch of green to city living.

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MICE Activities

  • Learn and organize workshops on growing vegetable without chemicals
  • Join workshops to cook meals from vegetables such as salad rolls and vegetable smoothies
  • Learn how to make bug repellent
  • Organize a miniature garden

MICE Checklists

  • Fits 30 pax
  • Suitable for M
  • Meetings can be held at the multipurpose pavilion

Nearby Attractions

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  • Focus Arena